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Samsung can remote control the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge

Samsung has announced the launch of new features Assist, which allows the service company’s technical support to perform remote management of mobile devices. As reflected in The Verge, a sort of remote Genius Bar from Apple.

Owners of Android smartphones often can’t understand any functions of your smartphone. This is not surprising, because the mobile platform Google is no different friendly interface, so many users, especially beginners, it is difficult to understand all this. Samsung understands this and updates the signature service, Samsung+, allowing smartphone owners can now get advice of the company’s employees.

The service allows you to contact Samsung for technical support and resolve problems with software and hardware. Also added Assist option, through which the technician can connect to a smartphone to take control of the device and clear the fault or enable the desired function.

At the moment, the Assist function is only available on smartphones and Galaxy S7 Galaxy S7 Edge.

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