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The FBI is not sure that you will be able to hack the iPhone criminals from Arkansas

This week the Faulkner County Prosecutor Cody Contout said that the FBI agreed to assist local authorities in hacking the iPhone and iPod that belonged to 18-year-old hunter dexler and the 15-year-old Justin Staton. They are accused of the murder of a married couple. Doubt intelligence can mean that the Bureau has discovered a method which allows you to hack some models of the iPhone.

As reported TASS, the hearings on the case were delayed because investigators could not get access to the gadget. According to Hyland, he sent a request to Federal office, where he agreed to help.

However, as reported in the FBI, at the time of the request the authorities of Arkansas were not provided the Bureau with information about the model and installed operating system version. “In this regard, the FBI can’t say that it will be able to assist (in hacking)”, – said the Agency, noting that appearing in the iPhone while in their possession were reported. The Bureau also emphasized that “this request is not related to the bombing case in San Bernardino”.

As pointed out in this connection, the Agency Associated Press, this can mean that the FBI found a method that can crack only some models of the iPhone without compromising the data stored on these devices.

Newspaper the Wall Street Journal, in turn, stressed that the Agency continues to test a new method that helped him to unlock your iPhone belonging to eliminated the terrorist to understand, “what other model devices can be hacked”. “The authorities may take several months to decide what to do with a newfound ability to” unlock the Apple products correctly and how to use it.

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On Monday, U.S. authorities said that they managed to gain access to the information contained on the iPhone Farouk said terrorists involved in the attack on the center for the disabled in December of last year in San Bernardino. In this regard, the Ministry of justice withdrew its previously filed lawsuit against Apple and asked the court to cancel an injunction requiring the company to assist in hacking the device.

How the authorities managed to gain access to the iPhone without Apple, is still unknown. FBI Director James Comey said earlier that the Bureau addressed “to all who could be useful” to assist in unlocking iPhone. The New York Times in this regard, reported that U.S. authorities asked to crack the device including hackers.

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