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Days of jailbreak considered

Jailbreak procedure that involves the removal of restrictions on access to the file system of the iPhone and iPad, is rapidly losing its popularity and may soon go down in history. This is the opinion of a reputable researcher and author of numerous books and textbooks on programming and cybersecurity Adrian Kingsley-Hughes.

As noted by Adrian, the latter is addressed to jailbreak iOS 9.1 and dated March of this year. Since then it’s been three months, and the current actual system installed on iPhone and iPad is iOS 9.3.2. However, the community of enthusiasts is clearly not keep up with Apple updates, and in the future, this gap can only increase, notes Iksmedia.

Kingsley-Hughes sees several reasons for this state of Affairs. On the one hand, there is a growing user awareness of cyber threats. The procedure jailbreak though and opens up a number of useful features (install third party apps, etc.), but at the same time removes protection Apple. And frightened by reports of recent mass data breaches, users are much less willing to dare to take this step.

On the other hand, the iOS ecosystem is already sufficiently formed, and Apple devices are extremely popular. This leads to the fact that to detect the vulnerability of the OS, which is necessary for the implementation of procedures jailbreak, is becoming increasingly difficult. And report them free of charge simply does not make sense.

The “white” hackers, finding vulnerabilities, inform about it to Apple, which promptly releases a patch, eliminating the problem. “Black” – try to use the vulnerability to cyber attacks. But in fact, and in another case the hackers are getting for their opening serious money. Community of fans of jailbreak that possibility does not provide. And because of purely economic reasons qualified researchers (and detection of security vulnerabilities in iOS requires really high skills) are no longer interested in maintaining traditions.

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Adrian, Kinglsey-Hughes concludes: jailbreak may not be dead, but its days are numbered.

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