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Whether the Apple Watch LTE to replace my iPhone?

According to recent reports, this year Apple will introduce a new version of the Apple Watch with support for LTE. Can such a watch be a worthy substitute for the iPhone? And in what cases?

Apple has long sought sale of the iPad in two configurations, with support for only Wi-Fi model with LTE. In the case of the iPad there is no particular need to pay more for the availability of the cellular module, because the user always keeps to himself iPhone. Moreover, iPhone supports all the same features and sometimes can do much more than a tablet. Therefore, among the owners of iPhone more popular iPad without LTE.

As for the Apple Watch, in this case, the situation is different. Going for a run, to the gym, or the pool, the user must take with them not only watch, but also a smartphone. With the advent of LTE versions of the Apple Watch user will be able to leave the iPhone, while remaining connected in case of emergencies or the need to immediately respond to a message.

While the LTE version of the Apple Watch must meet many requirements. Watch needs without problems to receive notifications, calls, SMS messages and iMessage, to inform about missed calls, do not lose messages, and much more. It is unknown exactly how Apple will implement a similar idea.

According to KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo), a new version of the Apple Watch will appear this fall with the next iPhone.

What do you think, will the new Apple watch support LTE become a substitute iPhone? And, if you can, then in what cases?

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