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Packaging for gadgets, which will be envied by Jonathan Ive

Unpack the new Apple device – an exciting experience, partly because of the focus that Apple company gives the packaging its products. Indeed, decorated boxes c iPhone, iPad, and Mac is quite ascetic, but always very elegant and original.

Nevertheless, it would be incorrect to assume that Apple is the only company that cares about the packaging of its product and it carefully thinks. In light of recent rumors that Apple is going to cooperate with presents in their stores third-party manufacturers, developing new packaging design for their products, you should understand that beautiful “wrapper” care many. We are talking about the attractiveness and the elegant simplicity of boxes.

MacDigger offers a look at the products of companies who are very creative approach to the creation of the package. Their goal is to make the packaging as attractive as the products themselves, and they succeeded.

Panasonic Note

Packaging Panasonic really original Note. Black headphones are folded in the shape of musical notes on a white background. Just above you can see made a low contrast font for the slogan “Made for music”. Looks great.

“And why have I never thought of that?”
Pago de los Capellanes DVD

Packaging for DVD created for the Spanish winery Pago de los Capellanes. The designer wanted to capture the sun rising over the vineyards: the result is a folding packing with a slit for the disc in the middle.

DVD packaging is like a book with a volumetric images.
Limited Edition Fedrigoni Leica

The packaging is a limited edition of the Leica opens like a book, each page of which describes the history of the brand and information about the camera itself. At the end of the book you can see the camera itself – looks great. Unfortunately, to buy such a camera is not easy: the model is only sold in salons Fedrigoni.

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Packaging Leica attracts attention.
Headphones KébecSon

Companies from the music industry I like to create unusual packaging for their products, and KébecSon no exception. On the package depicted themselves headphones, and pens symbolize the shackle. Excellent idea.

To carry headphones KébecSon should be as good as to walk in them.
Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 2

This packaging made our list for its minimalism and care about the environment. Xiaomi smartphone delivers Mi 2 in these cartons, which are inscribed with only the company logo. Minimalism in action.

The bricks or boxes with smartphones?

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