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PayForInstall: how to make money on apps

The Internet is teeming with offers of easy money at about that moment, when all appeared an opportunity to earn. Ads promise thousands of dollars a week, but people who believe in it – all of it less. However, this does not mean that the Internet can not make in principle possible, even without any specialties, and education. Many, of course, to “raise” does not work, but spending enough – read carefully.

PayForInstall – service, which pays for installing apps. Works very simply – you enter the program, looking for apps available for download, see how much is paid (from 10 to 50 rubles), and then download. To begin, we need a more modern phone on Android or iOS – work for both platforms. If you have multiple phones, you can work “with two hands” – to be effective.

All, as a rule, more from you is required – no attachments, actions in the application and such manipulations. Downloaded – received. Also, don’t forget to watch videos and perform other tasks – be aware of what to do. By the way, it’s easy – notifications about new tasks appear instantly on your phone.

If you conduct your daily work in this direction, it is possible to earn a few thousand a month without doing, you will agree, nothing complicated, to you it is easy to press the button “download”? however, earnings can be doubled, if you know about one trick – referral system. If you refer a friend to this service, you will receive 10% of the income from his earnings. Let’s just say he earned a 100 – ten for free. If you invite five active friends, you will be able to provide the minimum requirements: Internet payment, telephone bills and trips to the cinema.

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Of course, the service is more suited for students and Junior students – when there is no permanent and stable income, the extra couple of thousand rubles – very sorry, no harm. To withdraw money here are four ways: QIWI wallet, Webmoney, phone number, or to buy votes in “Vkontakte”. The minimum threshold output low, and payments operational – none of your money is not “clamped”, don’t worry.

And yet, you must be wondering why anyone pays for installing apps – what is charity? It’s simple – the mobile developers have their own reasons why they need a large number of downloads. Sometimes a natural way to achieve that fails and comes to the aid of the service PayForInstall. The developers make a deal with the service, well, that already allocates the budget to pay for your work: after all, you provide these downloads. As you can see, everything is transparent and logical, there is no “leftist”.

The application itself is very convenient to use – just a little bit to try to download it, and then know yourself Yes push one button. Nothing complicated, but enrich their pockets and look for interesting programs – sometimes really cool “APPA.” you would in another situation would never have seen.

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