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The average cost of the Apple Watch valued at $ 529

Average selling price Apple Watch is $529 with regard to accessories purchased by users of these devices. While men prefer more expensive models of portable Apple computer. This calculation was done in a research firm Wristly. The experts surveyed more than 2,200 owners of Apple Watch and noted that some investors probably underestimate the profitability of the smart watch.

According Dailycomm, Apple investors watching to see how well the Apple Watch are sold, trying to understand whether they are a new source of high profit companies whose revenues heavily depend on the iPhone. However, the margin of Apple in the market of wearable electronics is difficult to estimate, since the retail price of the Apple Watch has ranged from $350 for a “sport” version to $17 000 for luxury models made of gold.

Experts Wristly began to hold polls in March 2015, then surveyed potential buyers of Apple hours. The average cost of product in $529, named in the study, emerged from the consumer expenditure on the purchase of various Apple Watch models and straps for them.

According to analysts, men spend $30 more to buy the Apple Watch than women, which, as a rule, choose more budget-friendly and compact version. It turned out that Apple probably makes enough money on the accessories: by August 2015, 40% of respondents have purchased replacement straps for the Apple Watch.

Analysts note that the study involved mostly wealthy, living in North America, Europe and Oceania.

Initially wall street was expecting Apple to earn its “smart” hours, on average, more than $500 per device, however, after the publication of the financial report that the company did not disclose the sales figures of wearable electronics, many analysts lowered their estimates to about $450. In the financial report of the Apple implementation of the computerized hours of the company is accounted for in the revenue from the iPods, Beats headphones and other products, generating a disproportionately small with the iPhone or iPad profit.

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FBR Capital Markets analyst Daniel Ives believes that the findings Wristly confirm his belief that Apple Watch will be a significant source of revenue for California giant.

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