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Kazakh designer presented the most realistic concept of the iPhone 8 [video]

Designer Iskander Utebayev has used currently available information and rumors online about the new flagship smartphone, the iPhone to build interesting concept art. The artist points to the new design solutions the Apple, characteristic for top-end camera, superior display and camera, as well as increased device performance.

Please note that this is not an official illustration, and thoughts on the subject, however, analyzing the available data about the structural device innovations, we can all agree that this version has the right to life. Created by designer iPhone can be more similar to what in the end will show the Apple than the many fantasies that we saw earlier.

According to recent reports, Apple will refuse from aluminum alloy, making the choice in favor of an all-glass housing. Something similar we saw in the days of the iPhone 4, but iPhone front panel 8 is folded from all sides, and the back follows the shape of the front. The curved display on the side device.

On the rear panel is the camera. Hidden inside the Apple logo, it boasts the function of optical zoom.

Recall that according to reports, this year Apple plans to release three new smartphones – the iPhone 7s iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8. The latter will combine all the latest trends in mobile industry.

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