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Published Apple patent with information about automatic configuration HomePod

During the presentation of the HomePod Apple made emphasis on the fact that the smart speaker will change the direction of the audio stream, adapting to the environment.

HomePod uses a technology assessment of outer space for sound settings. It allows the column to quickly determine your location indoors and second, optimize the sound to provide users with maximum immersion in the music.

In fact, this is a more advanced version of the technology semi-automatic settings, which is already used in other speakers like Sonos and Naim.

A recently published Apple patent carries some more information on the work of the HomePod.

In the future column will not only appreciate the space but also to react immediately to any changes. For example, if the column to rotate, tilt or shift, it’ll change the sound settings.

This means that the HomePod can be moved from room to room without having to worry that the migration will take much time.

To optimize the sound can be used camera, digital compass, accelerometer, light sensor, antenna, thermometer, voltage controller, microphone, gyroscope and barometer.

Probably a solid list of sensors was published in order to patent all the technology options at once.

As always, in the case of Apple, the presence of a patent does not mean that it will become part of the finished product.

HomePod was presented at WWDC 2017 and will go on sale in December.

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