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Telegram blocked for three weeks. Alternatives are still there

Paul Gorodnitsky – the lack of principles of those who are trying to compete with the best instant messenger on the planet. In Russia for three weeks already formally blocked...


Roskomnadzor called the lock “Yandex” and “Vkontakte” technical glitch

In the night from 26 to 27 April for a few hours in the register of banned sites has got the resources against which the Roskomnadzor did not put forward...


Pavel Durov called the actions of the administration Telegram “digital resistance”

The struggle of Roskomnadzor and Telegram continues the third week. The Creator of the messenger of Pavel Durov from time to time commented on the events. This time Durov told...


Roskomnadzor has blocked a portion of Google IP addresses

On 22 April, some Russian users have found that they did not work part of Google services, including home search engine. The consequences of the struggle of Roskomnadzor Telegram. In...


Pavel Durov thanked users for their support and promised to sponsor administrators VPN and Proxy

Pavel Durov commented on the first 24 hours of blocking the Telegram and announced the creation of “Digital Resistance.” Durov accused the Roskomnadzor to block millions of IP addresses of...


An iPhone owner: I use Google Music. Here’s how to make me go to Apple Music

I — happy (relatively) user Google Music and are unlikely to switch to Apple Music in the foreseeable future. The Apple needs a few improvements that would make me use...


In “Vkontakte” appeared the App Store page

Apple is gradually expanding its presence in social networks. Recently the iPhone maker has started a page for the App Store


3 Russian site was included in the hundred most popular in the world

In 2017 the website opened a little less than 27 billion times, is the most visited site in the world. “VKontakte” and “Yandex” were in the top 100....


A voice message is super. But only in the Telegram

Paul Gorodnitsky – about the competing technology which makes the messenger a thousand times more useful. To voice messages impossible to be neutral: they either enjoy or hate. Just a...


Best apps 2017 by Apple

The curators of the App Store has summed up year and has released a collection of “Best 2017”, in which he told about the most popular apps and games 2017....


10 channels, which is still possible to have a Telegram and come to success

The author of the channel “IT & media | the Executioner says” – with a short-list of recommendations for those who have not yet decided on a niche in the...


15 channels that are just not worth it to start Telegram

The author of the channel “IT & media | the Executioner says,” has prepared a list of antiSoviet for those who are inspired by the history of the “Former” Telegram...


App Snapster has lost part of its functions

App Snapster lost of social functions: it announced the shutdown of rooms, thematic groups where users can exchange images. It is reported The service will work as a photo...


“VKontakte” will update the mobile app design

“VKontakte” plans to update the design of mobile applications. This is stated in the official company blog. The developers decided to change the navigation bar. This will create five tabs:...


Pavel Durov told about the FBI attempts to bribe the Telegram developers

Founder and CEO of Telegram Pavel Durov, said in an interview with the Baffler about the pressure from the FBI agents. In an interview with Pavel Durov said that the...

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