Model Anastasia Smirnova showed up after a long absence & nbsp

Many people believe that self-isolation is some kind of torture and there is absolutely nothing to do at home. But Anastasia Smirnova looks at it differently. So the model writes that she began to spend more time with family and began to truly appreciate the time.
Not everyone can find a job at home, but Anastasia does not think so.

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“I’m even used to sitting in 4 walls and doing something around the house. Of course, I didn’t read, draw or embroider, just my inner world calmed down, the nervousness passed. ” Also, many people complain that all beauty salons are closed and they have nowhere to put in order. But here the model sees positive points.
"Of course, I swam with fat, overgrown in every sense, but there are pluses: my nails and hair rested from gel polishes, curls, and my face from a ton of makeup."
The only thing that is negative is that all life has turned into an online format. There is no live communication. No intimacy. Anastasia says that whenever possible she tries to communicate live and buys products herself, so as not to use delivery every time. “I do not want to live online, I do not want my life to be all on the phone. I want to pay everything with money as before, and not through Apple Pay. I want to touch the clothes in the store, and not look at them on the Internet. I want to go outside and cuddle with people without fear, ”Anastasia writes.

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