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Samsung Galaxy Pro J2 – chic smartphone for education. It is more useful than the new iPad

Paul Gorodnitsky about how Asian radical can start a new trend in the world of gadgets.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro is the weirdest gadget of the week. Koreans suddenly released the device, which can hardly be called a smartphone, because he’s too stupid for that status.

There’s no LTE, no 3G, no Wi-Fi and install apps only one way – throw the file .apk on the memory card. In fact, Samsung has returned to users in 2003, the era of the PDA, when people were just starting to dream of fast Internet in your pocket.

The coolest thing Koreans have activated an unusual sense of humor – put a stupid phone in the Pro-line (absurd) and put sour the price. 11.5 thousand rubles (at current exchange rates) – a cruel trolling, because for the same money you can get a good Xiaomi and adequate iron. But the J2 Pro is fundamentally different target audience.

So, who needs the device, completely devoid of communication?

This is the question most often asked by people in comments to news of the release of the Galaxy Pro J2. “Yes, I can afford to knock”, “who cares”, “Yeah why the price tag” and stuff like that.

But Samsung has done objectively brilliant. The smartphone is aimed at students who want to prepare for exams and tests, without being distracted by IMS, neither the social network nor on VIDOS. Of course, the Internet can be disabled with one checkbox, but we must not forget that he switched in the same way – in two taps.

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So concentrate on learning only the exceptional strength of will – all the others every 15 minutes (or more often) respond to the notice. Yes, it is a progressive disease of our time. Yes, adults, it seems that chronic stuck in social networks – nonsense, and stop using one arbitrary decision. Yes, like to talk about the real subject is ridiculous.

But the fact remains: when you’re firmly hooked on social media, to abandon them is possible only in a radical way – for example, buying a smartphone without the Internet. There you can upload all of important scientific applications and books, but no more – and that’s fine. No distractions, no revocationdate – only hard the absorption of knowledge.

It sounds paradoxical, but the Galaxy J2 Pro is suitable for the education sector much better than the new iPad in 2018, which Apple is positioning as a purely student device. Clearly, there is a lot of useful apps and entertainment content is also mountains.

Distinctly remember preparing for the exams with the first iPad in 2012. The setup was: 45 minutes read the textbook and other benefits 15 sitting on the Internet. Most often, the proportion was quite different, and sometimes opposite (15 minute book 45 – the social network). I do not argue – here the questions only to me and my weaknesses, but I’m very well aware of how effective Galaxy Pro J2.

As far as I know, this device will be released only in Korea, but doubt the overall success animalfunny concept I have. Eventually people will reach that constant surfing on the social networks officially recognize something unhealthy, dangerous and harmful. Total dependence on mobile will cause a sharp condemnation, and simple devices like J2 Pro (or even kropachyov) will be sold better than the flagship. The idea of having a digital diet gradually and will reach to other major companies besides Samsung is clearly.

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Because when you want to lose weight, you throw all the sweet tooth, depriving yourself of temptations. Here is the same: no Internet, no wasted time. But there is free time for activities, thoughtful reading and other self-development.

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