The next iPhone may get a new type of display & nbsp

The well-known network insider, hiding behind the nickname Ice Univerce, announced that the next-generation iPhone will receive a screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz – two times higher than that of current models.
In practice, this means this: the animation on such a display will be much smoother, faster and more natural.

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Displays with an increased refresh rate are already used by manufacturers of Android smartphones – mainly those belonging to the highest price category. Among them are Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo and others. These are mainly modern flagship devices, as well as smartphones for games, where the speed of animation is extremely important.
"The screen as an element of the smartphone is among the top 3 factors that influence the choice of model when buying. Therefore, all manufacturers, including Chinese companies, began to pay special attention not only to the size of the diagonal, but also to the qualitative characteristics," says Dmitry Ryabinin, head Hi-Tech Mail.ru.
The expert recalls that there is no longer any innovation in the screen frequency of 120 Hz – about 20 smartphones with such characteristics are now available for sale, and for some of them the frequency is even higher – 144 Hz (these are just game models). At Apple itself, this frequency is also used – in the screens of the new iPad.
“We can say that a high refresh rate has become an indispensable element of all modern flagships. And this led to a new battle during the work,” Ryabinin emphasizes. “The main task for manufacturers now lies in the energy consumption plane, because the 120 Hz mode negatively affects Autonomy: These smartphones use up to 140 percent more power in maximum mode compared to those using a standard 60 Hz screen. "

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According to him, now the main thing for manufacturers is not just to release a smartphone with a high refresh rate, but to optimize the software in order to reduce power consumption.
"Apple has every chance to release a smartphone with the most optimized 120 Hz mode, taking into account the experience of other manufacturers and its own iPad. Therefore, the fact that the company comes out with a 120 Hz smartphone is one of the last may be a plus for users," Dmitry Ryabinin is sure .

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