About Everything Interesting This Week # 44: The New Apple Watch Dials and the Whirlpool Trailer

About Everything Interesting This Week # 44: The New Apple Watch Dials and the Whirlpool Trailer

We summarize the outgoing week with a selection of interesting news that did not get on the main agenda.

One paragraph news

iPhone with Face ID, like OnePlus 8 Pro, can see through plastic

True, it will not be possible to repeat the camera through the standard camera application: the developer Guillermo Rambo found that thanks to the TrueDepth infrared sensor, an iPhone with Face ID can also shine through objects, but only developers or users with jailbreaks can use this camera feature.

Turns out the TrueDepth camera can also have the “X-ray” effect with some plastics. Here it is showing the insides of an Apple TV 4K. (Thanks @HarckerTech for the idea) pic.twitter.com/R8x8Bu4yPv

– Guilherme Rambo (@_inside) May 14, 2020

Now on Instagram you can delete multiple comments at once

Update, as it usually happens, will appear for all users after some time. Open the photo where you want to delete several comments, click the three dots in the upper corner and then “Manage comments”. That's it, select the comments you need and delete them with one click. Many will like this innovation. It will also be possible to pin up to three comments and limit the number of mentions under the post.

New Pride Dials for Apple Watch

On Friday, Apple released the fifth beta of watchOS 6.2.5 for Apple Watch, where new Pride dials appeared, inaccessible to Russia. They look cool, and not only added new dials, but also updated last year’s, and also added a color gradient for the dials “California”, “One number” and “Two numbers”. For those who cannot install the dials, there are a couple of screensavers for your iPhone.

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Make a bag out of an old box

We all miss self-isolation, right? Designers launched a project where they talk about how a replica of a famous brand's handbag can be made from improvised means. And indeed, if you have nothing to do, and you have already remade all the household chores, go ahead! It’s not necessary to make a bag, you can order canvas, paints, brushes and paint your first picture.

Trailers of the week


A new project of the KinoPoisk HD service, the premiere will take place on June 27. In the city collector, investigators find several dead teenagers that no one was looking for. It turns out that behind this is a whirlpool of events in which the city destroys the weak:

“13 Reasons Why,” season four, video from filming

The scriptwriters announced that this season will be the last, and published a video from the shoot. The first season was based on the book of the same name, but the subsequent ones were developed by screenwriters. Watched?

If you missed the videos on the Wylsacom channel

OnePlus 8 Pro is a controversial flagship, Ilya talked about the pros and cons of a smartphone:

How do you like such an exclusive Samsung for 199,990 rubles?

We continue to talk about the second generation iPhone SE. This week we compared it to the Samsung Galaxy S10e:

Compare iPhone SE cameras with iPhone 11 Pro:

Now we are sitting at home all the time, it needs to be kept clean. We compared two cordless vacuum cleaners – the inexpensive Xiaomi and the expensive Miele:

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And what do you remember the past week?

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