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The creators of the Russian “killer” Microsoft Office introduced its own instant messenger

The Russian company “New cloud”, developing domestic alternative to office apps Google, Microsoft and Apple introduced its own messenger. The program is called “Maiofis Logo”.

With it, users can communicate with each other, participate in group discussions and to make audio and video calls. However, the main value of “Maiofis Logo” the developers believe the opportunity to communicate with lots of joint work with documents. The results of this collaborative editing of files are automatically saved in the cloud.

Messenger is actually built into the office Suite and supports lists, mailing lists and access rights. That is, the user can create a document, discussing it with a group of people. “Maiofis Logo” will also support something without which today can not do any one of the messengers, namely, the chat-bots.

“In one of the next releases we will support bots — promises Dmitry Komissarov. — Simply we say that in companies, where several hundred people, you just need a boat “trip”, “peregovory”, “tickets”, a variety of administrative functions”.

New messenger appeared on all major platforms: Mac, Windows and Linux. Mobile version for iOS and Android now undergoing testing and will be released in March of this year.

Current users of packages “Maiofis Professional” and “Maiofis Private cloud” will receive a new application along with immediate update of the product line “Maiofis” in March.

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