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i2Reader Cloud – a cloud in trousers

The audience that uses the iPad not only for watching TV series and writing statuses on social networks, but also reading books, knows how difficult it is to choose a decent eReader. To the built-in iBooks you can roll out kilometer-long list of complaints: the number of readable formats to the uncomfortable search. There is an alternative, but there is not all smoothly. Therefore, for some time now one of the best e-reader is i2Reader. Recently, the app was significantly changed and got a prefix Cloud – let’s see what happened.

First, actually, Cloud is now all the books (and your actions with the application) are delivered in the cloud. What this means for the end user: you can start reading on your “Aypeda”, then put the tablet aside and continue to ingest the books on the phone – say, on the road. The same way everything else syncs: bookmarks, the strokes of the marker, cover and other important attributes of any bookworm.

Changed the selection system – the Central beach iBooks, for example. Now you can watch not only all books, but with narrower categories such as by author or series. No one bothers to write a description for each book to be specified all the data. Another nice thing – books you can post on the shelves. Here non-fiction, esoteric literature here, but here the prose of the beatniks. If your library has live something really quite terrible, the book can be put (but remember that free information is good).

With regard to all kinds of graphic metamorphoses, it is all close to the ideal. You can change the background color, to create a variety of designs for books, to change the fonts and choose between four different ways of turning: is with 3D-effect (like these pages) and, say, the imitation of a flat switch between pages. If you like any quote, it can be uprooted right from the app “smash” in Facebook – it is convenient. Another possibility that was unthinkable just a few years ago – you can arrange the reading of one book for all home at the same time and to select suitable pieces, forming something like a chat. Potentially lethal invention for teachers and students of philological faculties.

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Even i2Reader Cloud is able to translate the book text through Google Translate and read it with a voice synthesizer. Very useful for studying foreign languages and translation, and phonetics to understand. In addition, the application reads plus or minus all popular formats, from Epub to MOBI. Want to download books can as well almost any way: support Dropbox, Google Drive, Yandex Disk, library BOOKS, and much more.

Function i2Reader Cloud still long to paint (even the 3D app handles Touch) but this makes no sense: it is clear that better alternatives practically are not present. Quality comes to pay, so the program costs 299 rubles, and may ask for more money for some optional features. The price tag is justified, because so many in the average price of one book, and if the inner content of the next paper novelties can be anything, it is precisely here – the highest class.

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