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Samsung for example Apple introduces the annual update for the flagship Galaxy S7

Samsung, as expected, introduces the program of the annual exchange of smartphones on new models. A similar service iPhone Upgrade Program last year suggested that the main competitor of the South Korean manufacturer.

Under iPhone Upgrade Program to users of Apple products are offered each year to change the old smartphone to the new version. Paying 32 dollars for the first month, the user will get the iPhone 6s with a storage capacity of 16 GB. For the 64-Gigabyte version of the monthly contribution amount will be 36,58 USD for 128 GB – $ 40,75. IPhone 6s Plus the subscription price is $4 higher – 36,58, 40,75 44,91 and dollars respectively. After 12 months the iPhone can be replaced with a new one.

As it became known, Samsung introduces such a program for the flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. It will be launched on the day of start of official sales of the new products on March 11. Galaxy every buyer who wants to upgrade simultaneously with the release of a new model, may sign a contract in which he agrees to pay the monthly payments.

A person needs to open an account Samsung credit cards for payment of fees without interest within 24 months. However, in the following year (i.e. 12 months) smartphones will be replaced with new models. In the end, the buyer will not miss any update and next year will get a Korean Android smartphone of the new generation immediately after the release. Suppose they will be called Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 edge, and the counter is reset and will go first.

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The service will be available for countries with three major Telecom operators SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus. The program is being distributed in the Asian region, but in the future you may receive in other countries.

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