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Opinion: Tim cook is the new Steve Ballmer, Apple will the fate of Microsoft

The famous American journalist and entrepreneur Steve Blank wrote an article in which he compared the former head Microsoft Steve Ballmer and current Apple CEO Tim cook. The author is convinced that both leaders are not innovators and are unable to ensure the success of the companies in the long term. Vc leads the journalist.

“What happens to a company when it goes head-visionary? Often a new CEO is unable to innovate, and the company continues to run by inertia — it helps the power of the brand. To maintain the former glory of the new head rarely,” writes Blank.

As the author of the material, in the 21st century, Microsoft entered a leading supplier of software for anyone who ever had to interact with computers. “16 years later, the Corporation has become just another manufacturer”.

In January 2000, the founder and former CEO of Microsoft bill gates retired after 25 years and handed over his position to Steve Ballmer. His successor led the company for the next 14 years.

“If the main task of the Director General the increase in revenue, Ballmer was making incredible progress. He tripled the total sales of Microsoft to $78 billion and increased its annual profits from $9 billion to $22 billion — But the company’s goal is long-term development, and the appointment of Ballmer from this point of view was a real failure. He succeeded in obtaining short-term benefits, but squandered long term opportunities,” writes Blank.

“Despite the financial success, Steve Ballmer has not been able to keep track of five important technological trends of the 21st century: in search for its the company has lost to Google, the smartphone market has left Apple’s mobile operating systems for Google and Apple, media Apple and Netflix and cloud computing for Amazon,” explains the author of the note.

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In 2014 Steve Ballmer left his post, and his place was taken by Satya Nadella, who made a bet on mobile and cloud platform team was divided between Office and Windows, closed the business of manufacturing smartphones and undertook a major release of the new operating system. “Now he leads the company into the world of augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies — and perhaps he will be able to return Microsoft to the leading positions”, – says the journalist.

What are the similarities between Tim cook and Steve Ballmer

“One of the strengths of leaders, visionaries is that they create around themselves a team of world-class. However, they unknowingly get rid of such visionaries in their environment. The company, run by a CEO, innovator may be the only one,” says Blank.

In his opinion, such leaders admit to top management only strong managers and performers. That was Apple under Steve Jobs — he led the innovation, and each area was headed by a strong Manager: these people made the vision of Steve jobs in specific plans and processes.

“When innovators go, top managers consider their well-deserved right to take their post. After bill gates to run the company was Steve Ballmer after Steve jobs — Tim cook,” writes Blank.

The journalist drew attention to the fact that Tim cook leads Apple for the past five years.

“The similarity between pairs of bill gates — Steve Ballmer and Steve jobs — Tim cook just supernatural. Under the leadership of cook, Apple has doubled revenues to $200 billion, doubled profit and tripled its cash assets. iPhone is becoming more perfect every year. However, the only new feature that Apple introduced over the past five years is watch.”

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According to the author notes, Apple will suffer the same fate as Microsoft: “the Problem is that the Director General would prefer to see Apple not prepared for many changes in the market than to choose the wrong business model or make the wrong organizational decision.”

“And bill gates, and Steve jobs was blind in one: they proposed to the Board of Directors of the successor from among top managers of companies. They confuse managers are world class with people who care about the desires of the customers and who understand that the market needs”.

In addition, says Blank, many innovators have become part of the brand of the company. This happened with mark Zuckerberg, Steve jobs, Jeff Bessom, Elon Musk, Larry Ellison. “This is not a new phenomenon: think about icons of the 20th century — Walt Disney, Henry Ford, the Creator of Polaroid’s Evin Land and so on. They are not just executives, but even after his departure influence the adoption of internal decisions. Everyone asked themselves: “what would Walt Disney,” although it would be worth to investigate it, and to seek new strategies for a changed market.”

In the 21st century, says Steve Blank, companies that rely on their current products and existing market, often burned. And focused on finding the right business model and work with clients Director General with its vision can become that factor which will not only save the company from failure, but will make it a market leader. “This is especially true for the constantly changing industries such as information technology.”

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