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“Yandex” has appealed the decision to delete a video from “Gazprom-Media”

“Yandex” has appealed the court’s decision to remove videos that belong to “Gazprom-media”. This was written by “Interfax”. “Yandex” has asked to cancel the decision of Moscow city court, which...


“VKontakte” announced the closure of the operator VK Mobile

14 Sep virtual operator VK Mobile will cease to exist. Owners of SIM-cards offer to subscribers of “MegaFon”. Virtual operator “Vkontakte” will work. In the spring of 2018 VK Mobile...


“Yandex.Music” can replace the standard Windows player 10

“Yandex” and Microsoft are in talks about preinstalling the app “Yandex.Music” in Windows 10. Source RobotReview reported that the probability of reaching a positive decision are high. Microsoft has a...


The Russian IT company will be able to share user data without their consent

Non-profit organization “Digital economy”, which includes “Yandex”, MTS, “Megaphone”, “Beeline” and other participants of the Russian market IT is proposed to amend the law “On personal data”. The authors propose...


Another 25 banks in Russia, USA and Ukraine has implemented support for Apple Pay

Apple has acquired several dozens of banks-partners in Russia, Ukraine and the United States. Russia’s support for the new technologies among the latest acquired: Post office Bank and the Regional...


Documents Google Docs appeared again in search of “Yandex”

RBC journalists found out that documents on Google Docs again appear in search results “Yandex”. Google and “Yandex” has announced that it is not a violation. In early July, 2018,...


Why I hate Facebook

I like the content that I publish are my friends on Facebook. But every time I open the application starts torture, after which I make a decision in the next...


“Yandex” is going to release its own smartphone

“Yandex” plans to release a smartphone that will be called “Yandex.Phone.” This became known thanks to recordings that appeared on the website of the Eurasian economic Commission (EEC). The document...


The smartphone from Huawei has overtaken iPhone SE and became the most sold in Russia. How come and what does it mean?

Paul Gorodnitsky – about the controversial Chinese leadership of the gadget. July 12 seems to be the authoritative edition of “Vedomosti” published the news that in may 2018 the smartphone...


“Yandex” has announced the start of sales of “Yandex.Station”

July 10 will begin offline sales of smart speakers “Yandex.Station.” This was reported in Telegram-channel. First column will be sold for 9990 RUB. in the only place and the Museum...


Google: Google Docs are to blame, that their documents were in the search results

Google explained why user documents appeared in search results “Yandex”. It turns out that this is the fault of the users of the service. According to Google, the search results...


Unmanned vehicle “Yandex” for one day drove 780 kilometers

The Command “Yandex.Taxi” told about the first long distance travel of an unmanned vehicle, which is developed in the company. 99% of the way the car drove itself. Test car...


According to rumors, Apple plans to launch a cheap version of Netflix

Apple has long been recruiting workers associated with the film industry and introduced some of their own shows. However, it is still unknown when the company will be branded streaming...


In “Sheremetyevo” there was a Park “Yandex.Drive” area

Now everyone can rent a car in car-share “Yandex” immediately after the arrival to the airport “Sheremetyevo”. Just go to the covered Parking of the terminal D – reports


Where to listen to music in 2018

Music by subscription – trend 2017, but questions about which service is better, do not cease till now. Edition MacDigger decided to understand independently and make your selection best. The...

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