Black Friday 2019: selection of discounts and sales

The annual "Black Friday" was a celebration for all shopaholics and shopping enthusiasts. This year it will be held on Friday, November 29, but the date is very conditional, because the discount season has already started in some places. We have collected interesting offers in one article and offer to get acquainted with special promotions. […]


About everything interesting for the week # 7: PlayStation 5, the new iCloud and the new Disney + service

The weekend is coming to an end, which means that the time for the next collection of "About Everything". A lot of interesting things. One paragraph news Sony patented PlayStation 5 design The LetsGoDigital publication has published screenshots of the new Sony patent, which demonstrates the design of the PlayStation 5. But this may not […]


Everything interesting for the week # 6

The week turned out to be eventful, so the selection will be large, and the introduction will be small. To the news! One paragraph news Smart Scooter Ninebot The new Ninebot scooter is introduced, which independently returns to the charging station. The first buyers will receive a “smart” scooter at the beginning of 2020, it […]


Everything interesting for the week # 5

The work week is over, the weekend is coming to an end, which means that the time for the next collection of "About Everything". One paragraph news iPad Pro 2019 iPad 10.2 Macotakara reports that this year the iPad Pro will receive a triple camera. Most likely, the same as in the future iPhone 11. […]


It was – it became: how the buildings of the offices of famous companies have changed since the founding of & nbsp

Look at the photos of garages and offices, where companies once arose, which the whole world now knows about. Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos were once inconspicuous names and surnames. And Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon – in simple words, which without context did not cause any associations at all. But […]

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The Russian IT company will be able to share user data without their consent

Non-profit organization “Digital economy”, which includes “Yandex”, MTS, “Megaphone”, “Beeline” and other participants of the Russian market IT is proposed to amend the law “On personal data”. The authors propose to allow companies to share private data with other organizations without informing the users. It will be enough to obtain the permit only once. The […]

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Another 25 banks in Russia, USA and Ukraine has implemented support for Apple Pay

Apple has acquired several dozens of banks-partners in Russia, Ukraine and the United States. Russia’s support for the new technologies among the latest acquired: Post office Bank and the Regional Development Bank. In Ukraine: Oschadbank. As well as 22 banking organizations in the United States. Now in Russia are cooperating with Apple, almost all the […]