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How to survive on 16 GB: 8 easy ways to free up memory iPhone

According to research analysts, 80% of iPhone owners are forced to regularly delete the contents of their devices to free up memory. Most of the people are much more willing ready to say goodbye with pictures than with applications. There are 43% of the total number of participants. Those who important the software is slightly less – 40%. Moreover, approximately half of all respondents removes the contents of the device at least once a month.

Complaints about the lack of memory usually comes from the owners of the 16-Gigabyte iPhone. Immediately after the new smartphone will load all the usual apps, photos and videos from memory, almost nothing remains. And how to use a smartphone or tablet is not very clear. And even the low cost of the device will not help in situations when you need to make the best shot in life, and the device treacherously writes: “almost no”.

Actually, to free up space on iPhone can, and without resorting to the deletion of critical data. MacDigger offers 8 tips on how to quickly free up memory on your mobile device.

1. Clear the cache and history of Safari

The first step in cleaning up your i-devices– delete temporary files Safari. In the cache memory is stored a large amount of content already loaded in the browser. As a result of images and other content the browser takes from the phone’s memory instead of downloading again from the Internet. This increases the speed of loading pages. However, this information may accumulate too much.

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To clear the browsing history and cookies from Safari by selecting Settings > Safari > “Clear history and data websites.” To remove all saved information from your browser, choose Settings > Safari > Advanced > “site Data” > “Delete all data”.

2. To reinstall the app

By themselves, applications can weigh a bit, but gradually become heavier because of temporal data. To see the actual size of the game or program (loaded from Network information) in “Settings” – “Basic” – “Storage and iCloud” – “Storage” – to “Manage”. Here you can delete the app if it is not necessary, or reinstall if it is still in use.

3. Delete old messages

Active share pictures and videos via iMessage quickly reduces the available space on the iPhone and iPad. Content can take gigabytes of memory. Old or unnecessary correspondence can be deleted manually, and then set it to remove messages after 30 days or after a year of storage on a smartphone. To do this, go to “Settings” – “Messages” – “message History” – “Keep messages” and set the desired period.

4. To use special services

Everything described above is called to delete from the phone too much. In this case it makes sense to install an app that will clean debris from iPhone or backup to the cloud. For example, the creators of IceCream argue that the user would never have to delete the contents of your mobile device – all the data are uploaded to cloud storage.

The program allows for a few minutes to transfer your photos and videos in the cloud, to be able to remove new. The solution, according to the developers, operates several times faster and allows you to move iCloud in the Internet thousands of images in minutes.

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5. Delete screenshots

The iPhone and iPad owners often make screenshots. Generally, screen shots are within 300 KB in memory, but most users often forget to delete unnecessary images. So they gradually “multiply” in the photo gallery, occupying more and more space.

There are two ways to remove the screenshots manually or using a dedicated application. Last yourself recognize your screenshots and erase them. While these apps cost money. But there is one life hack: iOS 9 in albums (“Photo”) there is a folder “screenshots”, which, in fact, are screenshots.

6. Listen to music in streaming mode

Apple allows you to broadcast downloaded from the iTunes music via iCloud – download it and store on the device is not necessary. Delete unnecessary tracks from the iPhone and listen to them online. To save some space you can also use streaming services, like Apple Music, Yandex.Music Zvooq.

7. To disable the duplicate photo

iPhone prompts you to save the original photo in addition to frame, done in HDR. This duplication can be safely disabled, since the originals is that they are usually not needed. To disable the duplicate, look in “Settings” – “Photo & Camera” – “HDR”. In the last paragraph you want to deactivate the slider to “Leave original”.

In addition, the smartphone can replace photos and videos in full resolution on an optimized version. The original full resolution is stored in iCloud. To do this in “Settings” go to “Photo and video” and switch to “Optimize iPhone storage”.

8. Force restart

Force restart iPhone – panacea from many problems. In particular, it helps to automatically delete some temporary files. For this you restart your iPhone you need to simultaneously hold down the Home button and the power button. They need to be kept clamped until on the screen will not have the Apple logo.

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