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FindFace: an app that allows you to find any person in your Network for photography

The FindFace service designed for users of the largest Russian social network “Vkontakte”, will be able to find in the virtual space of any person just by one photo. The project is based on the face recognition technology, developed by N-Tech.Lab.

FindFace allows you to find the person, find out the public info and contact them via a social networking account, and for all sufficient for photos taken by mobile phone. Bad lighting or a bad angle will not prevent the algorithm to quickly find the right person. The service identifies the man in the photo with an accuracy of about 70%, in this case, if the right person was never found, FindFace offers to look at pics of similar people, which makes it unique among modern Dating services.

A new type of social service was developed on the basis of technologies of company N-Tech.Lab, specializing in solutions in the field of neural networks. Such networks are able to analyze information and learn like humans, but they do it much faster. Searching for the right file in the database from 300 million photos to the algorithm N-Tech.Lab required less than a second. This decision was recognized as the best at the international competition MegaFace The Benchmark organized by the University of Washington.

Now use FindFace is possible using mobile apps for iOS and Android and through a browser. All necessary calculations are performed on remote servers, so the requirements for gadgets are minimal. The service allows you to not only find the desired user, but also to send them messages, like, view photos, and other information.

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At the first stage of its development the new service will work in the social network “Vkontakte”, the daily audience exceeding 100 million people. In the future FindFace will be available to the users of other social networks.

Basic functionality is free FindFace. For users with a wider range of opportunities (an unlimited number of searches per month, complex search options, etc.) the service will cost from 149 to 459 USD per month.

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