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Robot Apple Liam, examining the iPhone, mine gold and platinum

Last year, Apple spoke about the Liam robot, whose task was the disassembly of the iPhone on parts and components that can be reused. The extraction of such materials from one gadget the robot takes about 11 seconds. As found by Businessinsider, the device, examining the iPhone, and another produces rare metals.

Development Liam was conducted over three years. The robot was created specifically in order to quickly analyze the Apple into its component parts, many of which then will be recycled to something new. Such devices are currently in operation in California and the Netherlands.

One robot Liam can parse a year, approximately 1.2 million smartphones iPhone 6. It would seem that it’s a lot. But in 2016, has sold nearly 211 million iPhone. Thus, currently disassembled and reused only a small proportion of smartphones.

10,000 disassembled robot Liam smartphones accounted for 190 kg of aluminium, extracted from the bowels of a gutted iPhone. Also can extract 80 kg of copper, 130 grams of gold, 40 g of platinum, 70 g of silver, 5.5 kg tin, and 2.4 kg of rare earth elements.

The video above captures the robot’s job Liam. Of materials that in his previous life was part of one of the most popular smartphones in the world, then create drills, solar panels and so on.

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