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The inhabitant of Tatarstan ordered in the social network iPhone 5s for 4800 rubles, and received a jar of pate

25-year-old boy from Almetyevsk has shared his story of an unsuccessful purchase of a smartphone through social networks. The inhabitant of Tatarstan has become a victim of fraud.

The young man stumbled on a tempting offer: the iPhone 5s offering just for 4800 rubles. Such attractive price, which was below market several times, has not confused the guy and he contacted the seller. Pay another 600 rubles for delivery, the citizen has received a welcome package in the mail. However, the joy of shopping is gone when instead of the expected iPhone the victim found a can of chicken pate.

Contact seller man failed: the phone number was not available, and the group in the social network closed, said Sntat. Realizing himself as a victim of fraud, the victim went to the police. What became of the jar of paste, a price of more than 5,000 rubles, not specified.

Similar story with the fraud – not the first who wrote about MacDigger. In November last year, three criminal cases had been brought against Internet fraud, which were sold through the popular social network iPhone. During the inquest it is established that fraud, receiving payment in the amount of 15 000, instead of the original smartphone sent through the Russian post a fake phone.

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