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Experts recommend Apple to refuse to issue a Mac and focus on iPhone and iPad

On the pages of The Wall Street Journal published an article titled “Here’s why Apple needs to get rid of my Mac. The author, a columnist Christopher MIMS argues that the California corporations should not spend time and money on the production of personal computers.

Arguing their point of view, MIMS indicates that this product provides Apple the small share of revenue. For the quarter, interlego 31 March 2015, Mac sales brought the company $5.6 billion or 9.7% of total turnover of $58 billion. Given this, the columnist advises Apple to abandon the direction of the PC and focus on other, more important parts of their business such as the production of smartphones iPhone, tablet iPad, Apple Watch, as well as on cloud services, says Dailycomm.

“Is it wise of Apple to continue to expend resources to achieve leadership in technology of the last century”, – asks MIMS. According to him, Apple is too “scattered”, and the company must narrow the field of its activity in the future, not to fail.

Controversial statements WSJ columnist drew the attention of the analyst Moor Insights & Strategy Patrick Moorhead, who commented on the article Mimsa. The expert believes that Macs need an Apple and offer it to abandon this direction is just silly.

“Apple wants to penetrate all spheres of human life – be it a computer on your Desk, the watch on the wrist or mobile gadget in your pocket. It is impossible to consider one of the areas in isolation, because Mac are an integral part of the whole system,” says the analyst.

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Nominated by MIMS arguments Patrick Moorhead considers nonsense. Macs are not just for Apple one of the sources of revenue and profit. Developments in the computer field, especially in the field of software, are used to create other types of devices.

“I think the video quality on the iPad wouldn’t be so high if the company has not made a great video playback on the PC platform,” said Moorhead.

With the point of view of Mimsa disagreed and other respected experts. Thus, an analyst at Jackdaw Research Ian Dawson was named the Mac most important line of Apple and Ezra are kept within from Technology Business Research warned that the refusal to produce computers capable of causing irreparable harm to the business Apple and undermine the trust of millions of customers.

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