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iPhone 6 the inhabitant of Yekaterinburg nearly caught fire during the night charging

Power adapter for iPhone 6 nearly became the cause of a fire in apartment of the inhabitant of Ekaterinburg. About it reports the edition NDNews, which asked the owner of the smartphone.

The incident occurred last night. The girl put iPhone on charge, but something went wrong.

“I always sleep with the phone read, and phone is charged at this time. I go to sleep, and he continues to lie in the hand or close by. And tonight I woke up abruptly, not even realized what it was, but felt the heat on his arm and the sharp smell of burning plastic. In the dark and half asleep I did not immediately realize what had happened,” she said.

According to Catherine, the cause of the fire could be the charger from the iPhone 6.

“Phone for almost two years, of course, that the chargers do not live so much, have a license term of service is low, therefore has been bought by a Chinese counterpart. Apparently, something went wrong, because the plug was hot, and the plug, which in the connector is inserted, was generally red-hot,” – said Catherine.

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