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Mac users were sold an upgrade to Windows 10

When promoting Microsoft operating system Windows 10 was never tired of loudly announce that owners of Windows 7 and 8.1 in the first year after release it will be available as a free update. However, even in one of the largest cities in the world new York, I heard about this not all.

The authorities of the state of Washington has filed a lawsuit against one of the world’s largest companies remote technical support for computers – period iYogi, accusing it of fraud. The company decided to take advantage of the ignorance of people and earn on the spread of Windows 10. As a result, she managed to successfully sell the upgrade to customers for $ 80 dollars.

The chief Prosecutor of the state of Washington Bob Ferguson accused the enterprising firm of violating the law on consumer protection of the state of Washington act and Computer Spyware Act. As is often the case with such bogus tekhpodderzhki, employees period iYogi called themselves the representatives of the companies of scale Microsoft, Apple and HP. After you establish a remote connection with the computer users they try to convince that their PC and Mac virus, and that for a modest fee should be removed. It was suggested that the subscription to the service for a period of 5 years for $379. At the same time it was suggested to upgrade to Windows 10 in the future otherwise they were promised a variety of technical problems.

The amount of power of Washington require period iYogi as a penalty and compensation are not specified. Microsoft has welcomed the work of the office; for the last year and a half, she got a call from 180 000 defrauded by such companies users.

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