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“After two weeks of using the Galaxy S8 I still think the iPhone 7 Plus the world’s best smartphone”

In spite of all the skeptics and ill-wishers Samsung did away with the unpleasant consequences of the launch of the Galaxy Note 7 and introduced its new flagship smartphone Galaxy S8. Using the Galaxy S8 the company tried again to occupy a niche edge-to-edge phones. New items have very thin frame around the screen – the whole front side will be busy, bright display. However, despite the attractive design of the new Korean flagship iPhone 7 Plus still holds the title of best smartphone in the world. To such conclusion the browser BGR Zac Eckstein after two weeks of testing Galaxy S8+.

The journalist received a test instance for a few days before the official start of sales and at that time switched to Samsung. The Galaxy S8 really is an advantage over iPhone 7: AMOLED screen Korean out of the competition, writes Zach. And if the iPhone 7 Plus boasts very accurate color reproduction, for other parameters it the screen looks at the background Galaxy S8+ very insecure. But the main thing Samsung managed to do the impossible: a device with a diagonal of 6.2 inch can be called compact.

“As I already told in the review of the smartphone, the Galaxy S8 superior to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, in terms of hardware design. Much. Curved face on the front and rear panels coupled with incredibly fine facets create a sense of design of the future. Return to my iPhone after 7 Plus use Galaxy S8 can be compared with the return from a flat TV on a tube TV,” writes Epstein.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 is built around a single idea — to create a “frameless” phone. From this point of view it was a great machine with a luxurious screen and great appearance. But if we consider S8 as a competitor to iPhone, for Samsung all is not so rosy.

“Galaxy S8 really works considerably better than any other Android smartphone. And the latest version of the TouchWiz interface (now called the Samsung Experience) was better than ever. However, Nougat is not iOS, and Galaxy S8 – not an iPhone – said the journalist. Now, when I worked with the Galaxy S8+ about two weeks I can confidently say that the iPhone 7 Plus – still the best smartphone on the planet. Although Galaxy S8+ is superior to the iPhone 7 Plus, in terms of design and quality of the display, all the really important features and advantages of the latter”.

Five areas in which the iPhone 7 Plus ahead of Galaxy S8:

1. Operating system. iOS still better than Android. Even with the updated interface Samsung Experience the iPhone a distinct advantage. Apple Continuity will easily give odds to Samsung Connect.

2. App. The apps on iOS much better than Android. Perhaps the developers don’t follow the rules of Google or the development tools, the company behind those of Apple. But on Android always works in different ways, whereas iOS software is always easier and safer, especially when comparing the same application available on two platforms.

3. Performance. Performance is an important indicator and iPhone 7 Plus ahead of Galaxy S8. You should see the performance tests in real conditions and you will see that Android is still very far from iOS, even when it comes to flagship Snapdragon processor 835.

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4. Time of Autonomous work. iPhone 7 Plus has no equal in battery life. Most users enough battery Galaxy S8 on all day, but the Apple phablet passes him with a substantial margin.

5. Service. No company in the world can’t compare to the quality of maintenance with Apple.

Other Galaxy S8 comes on the same rake as the previous two generations of flagships – its body is completely glossy, so in real life, he immediately loses the original appearance, covered with greasy stains from the fingers. Another controversial issue is the absence of a second system dynamics and, as a consequence, play a sound only in mono.

The obvious blunder is the location of the fingerprint scanner. Of course, this can be used, as well as you can put up with shoes two sizes too small. Scanner iris and face recognition – good and useful things, but if we talk about the speed of unlocking, the first is inferior to a fingerprint sensor, and the second does not provide adequate security.

“Many users are tied to Android and the Google ecosystem. For these people, the Galaxy S8 can be a decent choice. Most Google services now available on iOS, but they will never be as deeply integrated on the iPhone as on the Android smartphones. When talking about the overall experience and feeling of working with the device, there is only one winner. Samsung Galaxy S8 is really impressive, but the king was not overthrown.”

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