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Experts Fixland revealed the secrets quality iPhone repair

In repairing smart phones (as in any other field of repair) there is the concept of quality. This quality is based on 3 whales:

– Quality parts.
– Quality repair work.
– Quality warranty service.

Let’s see what whales inside!

Spare parts

When we repair the car we always have a pretty large selection of parts from the original to the copies at various level s. Take, for example, suspension.

Some people prefer to put “own” shocks, anyone will choose something of the level of Kayaba, someone is looking for cheaper and puts Chinese parts. The price will always be different. How and quality. Are we going to put cheap shocks on a Mercedes Benz or Porche? Unlikely. It doesn’t look very reasonable.

If our washing machine motor burned out, we can also select parts of more or less high level of quality. With one engine the machine will work no less than with those with which it left the Assembly line with a different service life and the quality of the wash may be significantly lower. Are we going to put cheap Chinese engine on a machine Siemens or Miele? Not so many at risk.

What with smartphones? iPhone is a flagship of modern mobile phones. The leader in quality and comfort of use. And it is not cheap at all. A fresh model is more expensive than most washing machines, TVs or laptops. Is it wise to put on your iPhone cheap parts?

We believe that it is absolutely not reasonable. Moreover, we are ready to lose some orders, but we in any case are not going to trip up the client and put him obviously bad parts, even if he specifically asks for one. Why? Because we are better than the client know where this will lead, because we’ve seen it many times. Here is an example of display of low quality. As you can see in the picture, it has fractured and moved away from the body. According to statistics gathered from our customers who come to us after the “rump” and other obscure services with cheap displays these and other problems happen more often than in 60% of cases within the first 3 months of operation!

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Who can I entrust the repair of the iPhone? In principle, anyone. Even the student who removed the nook on the top crust. But where will this lead?

We often have to repair phones after the “rump”. When the masters learn that the customer has visited some obscure service, they even before the autopsy you know what to expect inside. Today we will show you how the phone looks from the INSIDE, the serviced on the top crust.

To install clamps retaining the contacts are securely connected? Yeah, well, why would they! You can throw!

Every screw different length and diameter in the hole? Yes, what a difference! And so will do! Do I need to screw in all the screws that the master promoted? Oh, yeah, and just holds on. Why is it necessary! No rattles, yeah, okay! The signal booster antenna? The hell with him! So small, hard to mess about with it!

Such approach categorically does not suit! For us, the smartphone is a creation of engineering genius. We have no right to change anything in its structure, is put by the Creator.

Each master Fixland is a cultural and highly educated professionals who have received the best training on the market and have passed the most stringent examinations before becoming a master, allowed to repair on our website.

Probably every service company praises their masters. But (thanks Zuckerberg!) on Facebook there is such a thing as customer reviews. What distinguishes the reviews on Facebook, from reviews on other sites? It is impossible to remove no one, even the worst review it! In the end, if you don’t see reviews on someone’s Facebook page, it means that the page’s administrators hid them, since the evaluations of the customers they don’t like. We are proud to treat our assessments of the quality of work of our craftsmen, and we have nothing here to hide. Because Fixland is not only the highest quality parts and the highest quality of work! After reading the article be sure to read the customer reviews:

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What guarantee gives you the most services? 1 week? Two? 1 month? 2 months? Well, that’s self-confident guys! is the warranty on parts and labor for 3 years! Why so long? For two reasons. First, we are absolutely confident in the quality of parts and labor of our craftsmen. Secondly, we love our customers and want our help, you lost, not just for 1 month, and for a long time.

What about the prices? And our prices are among the lowest among those services that use parts of the same level of quality. Checked. Why? Oh, this is another story about our business model! We’ll tell about it next time.

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So You are looking for 5-star service with great prices? Like this exists!

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