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Samsung brings the start of sales of the flagship Galaxy Note 7 in Russia because of a defect battery

On Friday, Samsung officially announced the recall of all the flagship smartphones Galaxy Note 7 sold to date. The reason — the increased risk of explosion of the battery. As stated by Russian representative office of Samsung, for this reason, sales of the device in our country will be transferred. Instead of the previous mark and “16 Sep” the timing of the release is designated as “fall 2016”. That is, with high probability, the South Korean flagship will be released in Russia after the launch of the iPhone 7. In Spain, for example, the start of sales of Galaxy Note 7 deferred from September 9 to Oct.

Samsung added that the Galaxy Note 7 sales suspended worldwide and all sold out at the moment, the communicators will be free of charge replaced by new one. To date, sold about 1.5 million devices and as of September 1, recorded 35 cases of fire.

“As a result of recently published reports related to the Galaxy Note 7, we conducted a thorough investigation and found a problem in the battery cell. To date (September 1) was 35 cases worldwide, and we are working with our providers conduct a thorough investigation to identify affected [by the problem] battery on the market, the statement reads Samsung. However, because the safety of our customers is Samsung absolute priority, we stopped sales of the Galaxy Note 7”.

Some mobile carriers that have already sold recently appeared in a number of markets in the smartphone, has announced its readiness to accept the device back, fully offsetting the cost.

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As have informed in the Russian representative office of Samsung, the Galaxy Note 7 sales in Russia will be carried out from new shipments. The deadline for the official start of sales of new products on the Russian market will be specified later.

All users already issued or paid pre-order, you can cancel the order and return the paid funds in full.

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