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Media: Apple is preparing a successor to iPhone SE the announcement will take place in August

According to recent reports, Apple has not abandoned plans to upgrade to iPhone SE, and is going to hold a presentation of a new product in August of this year. It is reported that the successor to iPhone SE will cost even less than the original model.

Earlier this week, a well-known analyst pan Jitang said that Apple has no plans to release new versions of the iPhone SE, as the company does not see in it sense, because users are increasingly moving to smartphones with larger screen. However, the French blog iGeneration claims that this information is not true.

It is reported that Apple will unveil a new iPhone model SE at a special event in August, cost new is €399. Recall that now the 4-inch iPhone is sold at a price of €489.

It is expected that in September will be the main autumn Apple presentation, which will be presented the new iPhone jubilee.

Unfortunately, no details about the “early” event, the resource is not published, and understand what will be the budget smartphone Apple, is not possible.

If the new iPhone SE will qualify for individual presentations, probably we will have major changes. However, rumors about the new 4-inch Apple device a little bit. Moreover, iOS 11 is clearly not highly optimized for small screens. The elements of the system become larger, and this suggests that the company is betting on big screens.

Although iPhone SE performs its task: it involves an additional category of consumers in emerging markets.

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