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Experts discovered a vulnerability in Safari that allows you to redirect users to malicious sites

The information security experts from the company Deusen reported a new vulnerability found in mobile and desktop Safari. Using “holes” security attackers can redirect users from one site to any other.

Discovered in epplovskom browser vulnerability allows hackers to make the user by typing the usual address of a trusted resource, was on the malicious website which will try to use malware designed for identity theft and/or money. In particular, an attacker could intercept banking details, if people enter your data by clicking on the link leading to a phishing page.

To verify the presence of vulnerabilities can every owner of iPhone, iPad and Mac. Experts demonstrated how the bug works, offering users Safari to enter to visit the popular website the Daily Mail, the browser displays the content that is placed at address You can check this on iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite.

Instead of the Daily Mail, the hackers may try to use the website of the Bank which provides services to the user, inviting him to enter personal data. According to a recent study, Internet users are still susceptible to phishing.

It is worth noting that earlier in the year antivirus software developers FireEye discovered a vulnerability in iOS that allowed attackers to conduct phishing attacks on users iPhone and iPad. Apple has fixed a bug in the iOS 8.1.3 update.

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