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Co-owner of Apple one tweet raised the value of the company at $8 billion

The message in his Twitter account, written on Monday, billionaire investor Carl Aikana, provoked an increase in the capitalization of Apple at $ 8 billion. This publication reports MarketWatch.

In the tweet ican made reference to an open letter to the CEO of the Corporation Tim cook, in which he reported that, in his opinion, the fair value of the market Apple is about 240 dollars per share. At this rate securities capitalization of the company amounted to almost $ 1.4 trillion.

At the end of trading Monday paper Apple gained 1.1% to 130,19 dollar for one piece. That is, the capitalization of the iPhone maker rose to 8.35 billion. However, it is still 84% lower than the estimate of Ikana. In the previous auction Sunday paper Apple rose a further 0.4%.

In an open letter to cook billionaire named his forecast of profit growth Apple: according to him, he will reach 40% in 2015. He also noted that he believes the recently completed share repurchases totaling $80 billion is insufficient and urged the company to more large-scale purchases of its own securities.

In late April, Apple reported earnings for the second fiscal quarter of the year ended March 28, according to which sales of the iPhone in China (they soared 72%) provided a record quarterly performance. So, for January – March 2015, Apple’s net profit grew by 33% yoy and amounted to $13,57 billion versus $10,22 billion a year earlier. Apple’s revenue for the quarter totaled $58,01 billion, which is 27% higher than last year. As mentioned in the report to Apple, this is the best result second quarter Vigoda in its history.

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Investor and billionaire Carl ican through its investment Fund Icahn Associates owns the seventh largest package of Apple shares. For the last session of the investment cost of Ikana to the company, consisting of 52.8 million shares, grew to 76.5 million.

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