Thing of the day: "Tamagotchi for hackers" created by Russian enthusiast blows up Kickstarter

Russian techno-enthusiast Pavel Zhovner and his friends have created what he calls "Tamagotchi for hackers." What it is? It is a universal tool for pentesters – people who examine software and devices for hacking and intruders. This multi-tool is called Flipper Zero. It combines a radio module, a radio signal analyzer, an infrared transmitter, a […]


Hackers can start a new nuclear war and disconnect entire countries from the network. How to protect yourself from them? & Nbsp

Cyber ​​attacks by a hostile state can sometimes be more destructive than real military operations. Using the latest technology, hackers have the ability to infiltrate critical infrastructure, national servers and databases. Not only classified information of the state level, but also personal data of citizens fall under attack. How dangerous modern cyberthreats are and how […]


Vulnerability in iOS Endangered Personal Information of iPhone Users

The personal data of millions of iPhone users around the world are at risk. This is due to a vulnerability in iOS discovered by a developer named Tommy Misk. interesting                            iPhone 9 will bring Apple $ 12 billion                   IOS 13.4 beta 4 released: what's new? The programmer discovered that a […]


Hackers have found a way to steal passwords from the iPhone

Apple strictly monitors the safety of its gadgets. But sometimes exceptions happen. Crackers are trickier than developers from Cupertino. Image from Elcomsoft, an iPhone hacking expert, excelled. Its specialists managed to create the iOS Forensic Toolkit utility. The program opens the locked "apple" phones. iOS Forensic Toolkit provides access to user data. You can […]


TOP 10 worst passwords of 2019

We all know very well that you cannot use simple passwords if you do not want to become a victim of hackers. However, many users still choose easily guessed passwords like 12345 or qwerty to log in to their account. They also use the same combinations for several accounts. This was reported by specialists of […]

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Security researcher revealed macOS exploit for hacking a keychain

Security researcher Linuse Henze shared a video demonstrating macOS Mojave exploit for accessing passwords stored in a keychain. The KeySteal application, which is shown in the video, does not require administrator privileges to launch an attack. Access control list settings also do not matter. The exploit works on computers with system integrity protection enabled. He […]