Turn a smartphone into a sound weapon? It is possible!

Did you know that some modern gadgets for playing sound can be used by hackers as real weapons? This was recently told by cybersecurity researcher Matt Vicksey. interesting                            Apple takes revenge for replacing batteries in unofficial SC                   Apple will go on trial because of Kaspersky Lab He conducted a series […]

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Security researcher revealed macOS exploit for hacking a keychain

Security researcher Linuse Henze shared a video demonstrating macOS Mojave exploit for accessing passwords stored in a keychain. The KeySteal application, which is shown in the video, does not require administrator privileges to launch an attack. Access control list settings also do not matter. The exploit works on computers with system integrity protection enabled. He […]

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What hackers and cops hate iOS 11.4.1

No sooner had Apple to release iOS 11.4.1 how hackers smartphones on both sides of the law have disliked some of the innovations that appeared with the release. The main change concerns the work of the Lightning port. Connector becomes inactive if the device was not unlocked with passcode within the last hour. This complicates […]

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For the first time in 14 years introduces a new standard of Wi-Fi security

The Union of manufacturers of Wi-Fi Alliance, which controls the introduction of Wi-Fi standard, has introduced a new security Protocol WPA3. It needs to be replaced by WPA2, which was introduced in 2004, reports The Verge. WPA3 provides additional protection against offline attacks to guess the password. With WPA2 hackers could check the password, capturing […]

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Hacker hacked iOS 11.4 and 12 in iOS Safari

Developer under the name SorryMyBad published a video, which showed two iPhone, hacked through the browser. In creating the jailbreak was attended by experts from the team Pangu and another hacker under the nickname @Morpheus. Cracker not reported will the jailbreak is available for all users. And even if this happens, then users will have […]