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Why the IFA – exhibition of unnecessary technology

Paul Gorodnitsky about the major presentations this fall in Berlin.

Every year the Russian IT journalists landed in Berlin and having a great time: local beer tasting, testing hotel wifi and make selfi on the background of the Brandenburg gate.

Travel to Germany usually pay the participants IFA – the international exhibition of consumer electronics. The mechanism is as follows: the company allocates money to a journalist on a business trip, and the edition writes in detail about the novelties of this company. Get a good barter: one or several days of entertainment with breaks for the exhibition, others – mentions in top media. The perfect alignment.

The only problem is that every year the IFA is becoming depressed and useless – soon there will not lure even five-star hotels. If earlier, at the Berlin event showed at least Samsung Galaxy Note, now the number of decent releases tends to zero.

LG told about the V30, but could do without the preview performance and so was leaked several days before release.

Sony brought to Germany a bunch of new leaders with unpronounceable names, but the Japanese could sit at home and just add smartphones on its official website.

Premiere Alcatel (a pack of cheap phones) impressed less than the presentation of religious literature in the suburban train.

Moto X4 – is also a passing option because Moto Z2 Play at times promising: it is not clear why produce models in the same price category.

In General, with smartphones, everything is clear: it is better to show on a separate, private event, than where about they just forget it all.

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But IFA is not only smartphones.

For example, Panasonic have brought to Germany the concept of the robot refrigerator, which can drive up to the owner and even to give recommendations for drinks and appetizers. The future of this device is clear: it’s still in unfinished format, but about the Panasonic had already written all the technical sites. A sound approach.

Panasonic has even boasted a transparent TV (benefit doubtful), and Sharp showed a 70-inch “box” with a resolution of 8K. Useless thing in the economy will cost 9 thousand dollars.

Other brands made in the same style.

The Acer – ubercomputer, in which four of the video card and 128 gigabytes of RAM. The rest of the specs the same level. Who wants this crazy stock is a mystery.

Next stop, Sony: Asians broke action camera ($700 – zero chance of success) and sound system the size of a man.

Lenovo now has another 360-degree notebook, the VR-helmet (fad) and a light saber to dive into the Universe of Star Wars.

The Chinese from Huawei actually drove to Berlin only CPU – they just had to recommend flagship Mate 10, which will be released in October.

All surpassed the Corporation from Singapore, which has shown “smart” egg. Mind is that the egg turns into a remote controller for your home appliances. Practical benefits from it – zero point, zero-tenths, but the egg is not weak want $ 90.

Really resonant presentations at IFA was not simple: all companies have prepared for exhibition, or a trifle, nuclear or exotic, or something a clown (like the robot refrigerator).

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It is not surprising that journalists wearily looked at the forced, strained technology, shrugged, and then was walking to colleagues to discuss insides about the new iPhone or decide where the evening is more comfortable to drink beer.

The exhibition is rapidly dying out: no self-respecting Corporation will not carry their unfinished gadgets on this fair failed ideas. And rightly so.

PS the Only useful news from IFA-2017 – insider Eldar Murtazin that the Galaxy S9 is likely to pose a couple of months earlier than usual. Waiting for release in January-February 2018.

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