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Apple testing standard “light Internet” Li-Fi for iPhone and iPad

In the code of iOS 9.1 detected the mention of a new technology Li-Fi. Using data of the light sources, the system was first tested in real conditions at the end of last year. Experts suggest that the next generation iPhone can get the support of advanced technologies.

“Apple is testing Li-Fi. Judging by the code on iOS 9.1, the technology may appear in the new smartphone iPhone 7,” wrote developer chase Fromm. He published some of the code from the file dyld_shared_cache_armv7s, which refers to Li-Fi.

For the first time about Li-Fi became known in 2011. The technology involves transmission of data by means of light — but not with fiber, but with the help of lighting devices and receivers. The technology used to transmit data at high speeds of light in the visible spectrum, for tiny periods of time enabling and disabling the LEDs. “Blink” those transmitters are so fast that the human eye can see flicker is not able – that is, they can be used for lighting.

Testing Li-Fi in real conditions recently held Estonian company Velmenni by installing equipment in several offices and industrial buildings in Tallinn. The data rate was 1 Gbps, most conventional Wi – Fi networks today show average around 10 Mbps.

Experts suggest that the proliferation of Li-Fi will not lead to the disappearance of Wi-Fi, and technologies will coexist. Where possible and justified, will install the equipment Li-Fi to increase the speed of data transmission, and device – smartphones, tablets, PCs – will be able to transparently switch between cellular networks, Wi-Fi and “light Internet”.

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Based on the success of pilot projects, the technology Li-Fi can be widely disseminated. It remains to decide how to be to those users who want to use high-speed Internet not only in the light of the lamps, but in the dark.

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