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Browse MacBook Pro 2016: best MacBook for Amateurs

27 October, Apple introduced a new generation of professional MacBook Pro. They got a debatable improvement and lost many useful ports, not to mention the luminous bull’s-eye, without which no professional can not work normally. Jokes aside, but the modern MacBook Pro and it should be Pro in the usual sense of the word. Perhaps they would be more appropriate a name without the word Pro in the title. Just the MacBook as thin and stylish ultrabook before. MacBook 12, 13, 15.

The new “Proshka” — the most casual of professional laptops, as if created for the representatives of the creative class and fashionistas who are willing to take on some functional sacrifices for the sake of appearance. If the MacBook Pro any less suitable for serious work? Partly. Are they worse? Hardly. We met with a Junior representative of the ruler — MacBook Pro 13 non-touch panel, Touch Bar, and left under a very pleasant impression. This is the best MacBook Pro ever released.

Equipment and features

The delivery device is no different from the previous laptops of the company. All the same papers, stickers-apples power adapter. From the new — USB wire-C, no MagSafe on the end. This is the major loss, against which pales even the lack of a glowing logo on the lid. How many laptops have been saved in time odahowski cable — unknown, but definitely a lot. Will now have to be much careful and not to allow children or animal to play with the cord of the MacBook is charging, and to once again look at his feet. These tools have only one significant plus is you’re no longer tethered to a wall outlet and can charge the computer from any external battery with a proper cable.

The new baseline MacBook Pro only two Thunderbolt 3, combined with USB-C. If you have already had the MacBook 12″ and you bought the adapter, then throw them out is not necessary, the connector used is the same, only with support for higher speeds — up to 40 Gbit/s. Both ports support a maximum data transfer rate and it features MacBook Pro with function keys from his version of the touch strip, where two ports on the right side operate at reduced speeds. Apple even recommends that you connect the most demanding to the speed of the peripheral device is to left-hand ports. The simple MacBook Pro I just got.

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Two ports is two times more than in the 12-inch MacBook (Yes, don’t be surprised) and that is enough for a comfortable life. To connect the camera or iPhone using the proprietary adapter for 2000 rubles from USB to USB-C. Not nice but what to do. This is a transitional (in the literal sense) period not only for us but for Apple. After a year or two will all come down to consistency, no doubt.

Despite the lack of a touch-panel and the presence of the function keys, the new MacBook Pro does not require pressing the power button to turn on. You just open the lid and start customizing. Legendary sound on no more and now it will not scare all of your neighbors at night.

Built into every MacBook migration assistant easily migrate all of your data from the old laptop to the new, down to the last bookmark and open pages. Just connect both devices to the same wireless network or connect them with cable. Keep in mind that it will be all your bugs, glitches and tails from the old computer, so sometimes it is wiser to configure a new device as new.


In addition to the new ports and not burning more steel bullseye in the eye catches a new color for the MacBook Pro, already familiar from the 12-inch MacBook — Space Gray. Dark gray MacBook Pro just looks incredible and matches perfectly with the black iPhone 7 Plus and a space gray Apple Watch.

Housing is made in full compliance with the MacBook. There are no plastic parts and the size is comparable. 13-inch MacBook Pro this year is much smaller, thinner and lighter than previous series notebooks Pro. Only 1.37 kg and is 14.9 mm thick. If you put them side by side or put on top of each other, one can only wonder at the ability of Apple to cram so much into such a compact body. Ever since the iPhone will again be the same. Minimize subjected even the frame around the display — they became less almost twice. After the new MacBook Pro on the old “Proshka” without tears will not look. They look like greetings from the past century.


Felt about the same old Retina display after the new, which became brighter, more contrast and more saturated. Support color profile P3 aligns MacBook with the latest iPhone and iPad, so your pictures will look the most beautiful.

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Keyboard and trackpad

Trackpad with support for Touch Force has been doubled and now he’s just unbelievable. This directly affects the usability. It is unclear why was it necessary to build the touchpad in the older version of MacBook Pro with this chic canvas under the keyboard. It is always at hand and not have anywhere to go. The keys are twice the size compared to the old MacBook keyboard but they are almost the same size as the 12-inch MacBook. Keyboard design the same — “butterfly”, but the second generation, with 4 times more stable keys, clear click. As in the simple MacBook is highlighted here each button a separate led, and not the whole cloth, with the result that the backlight was more uniform and pleasant to the eye in the dark.


Apple not only reduced in 2 times frames, and increased 2 times the trackpad, but also made the built-in speakers 2.5 times bataviae and 58% louder. The peak power of the speakers has increased in 3 times, and the range of sound became 2 times wider. For background music, no speakers no longer needed. MacBook Pro sounds really cool. And Apple has even left the good old 3.5 mm audio Jack, adding headaches to the iPhone 7, but all that conservative users. In the next generation MacBook get ready to say goodbye to him.

Filling and performance

The base MacBook Pro 13 non-touch panel equipped with the weak hardware among the entire line of 2016, but thanks to optimization and improved energy efficiency it is comparable in performance with the top 13-inch model last year. Accordingly, there is no reason to change from unit to a new only, if you are tired of the old ports and want something new.

Here we use the dual-core 64-bit Intel Core i5 2 GHz, Intel Iris Pro graphics 540, 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD. The game is much quickly and smoothly. Even in toys to play: Civilization VI is going very briskly with the default settings. Issues with rendering the 4K video shot on the iPhone 7 Plus, in Final Cut or iMovie would do the same.

Unlike the MacBook, there are fans and they are noticeably noisy under heavy load, and the body of the laptop gets hot, though, and quickly cools.

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As before, the MacBook Pro delivers up to 10 hours of battery life, and in the case of the version without Touch Bar can sure count on those numbers, but the model with a touch panel has received a slightly smaller battery. There is another important difference: the SSD in the case of a touch version of the laptop soldered to the motherboard and cannot be independently replaced or upgraded. Other way because there are no more: SD card 128 GB or 256 GB or in one of the new MacBook Pro will not paste!

In the case of casting laptop with touch-bar liquid you risk to lose all your data because the drive to save will not succeed. A significant reason to think about the choice of modifications to the traditional full keyboard.

On macOS 10.12.1 to say too much and nothing, works flawlessly, takes calls and messages from your iPhone, pass the text through a shared clipboard and is rasplachivaetsya with the Apple Watch. If you have Apple watch, Touch ID touch version of the MacBook Pro you do not need much.


MacBook Pro 2016 is so compact, solid and beautiful that it can hardly be called harsh workhorse. It is rather a MacBook on steroids, its improved and updated version. If you missed the screen size or capacity of the smallest current Apple laptop, it makes sense to look at the new MacBook Pro. It will also be ideal for upgrades from base model 2013. The difference in speed and responsiveness of the system will be simply amazing. Apple also believes that this laptop should replace your 13-inch MacBook Air because it weighs exactly the same, but the size turned out smaller and thinner.

Should I wait for the touch modification with two additional, but slow ports and to pay 25 000? The laptop will be more productive, but with this you get a lesser battery, a controversial new technology in the face of the Touch Bar and is soldered to the motherboard the drive without an upgrade and a chance at data recovery. To solve certainly to you, but the choice here seems obvious.

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