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Same, but twice cheaper. What is the difference between iPhone 5s restored from the usual

This summer, restored to an “as new” iPhone 5s has stirred up Russia, instantly becoming the best-selling smartphones on the market and increasing the share of Apple from 5 to 8%.

The programme of sales of the updated device works in Apple for many years – the company sells such devices including through its own online store, for example, in the United States. “As new iPhone” is previously used by buyers in various countries around the world of Apple devices, which run the factory recovery procedure, replace the case and screen before finding a new owner. For example, the phone could be exchanged on the trade-in program in stores Apple Store, or gadget could be identified a manufacturing defect – for example, marriage dynamics. The customer changed it for a new one. Then, the defective gadget has been transferred to the Apple plant where this defect was eliminated. After that, this device is also factory change the screen and case. After which it is Packed in box with new charger and headphones. This is a fully functional unit with complete documentation.

Such devices have a factory warranty of 1 year. But in order for the client to understand the difference, this iPhone is called “restored,” so it was easy to distinguish from new.

In Russia the first partner of the brand, which sells “like new iPhone 5s” in our country, has become “the Messenger”. The retailer gets the phones directly from Apple and sells for 25 490 rubles. M. Video also sells these models, but under the brand of “rebuilt”. Resource 42.tut offers a detailed comparison of normal and restored the iPhone 5s.

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Why buy a restored iPhone?

If you want to try iOS with minimal cost, but not to buy a smartphone “with it” and get an official guarantee, restored the iPhone 5s can be an excellent option. The smartphone is quite powerful even by current standards, here is a good camera and great screen. The only serious disadvantage is only the diagonal of the display. The current standards of 4 inches is not enough.

Are there visual and other differences compared to ordinary new iPhone?

If only in the packaging and labeling on it. We visually compared the usual iPhone 5s and CPO. Restored smartphones are labelled RFB (Refurbished). In all the pictures below iPhone 5s CPO is left:

Moreover, iPhone 5s CPO sold in the films, as well as new:

Smartphones on the mark about the recovery either.

And how do they work? Updated, not slow?

Work as new. Here the same hardware, same software. As an experiment we went to the week restored my iPhone 5s, using parallel ordinary.

Both phones in one day received the update to iOS 9.0.1 (9.0.2 and later), both equally absolutely worked, photographed, did surf on the Internet and behaved in games. No bugs, lockups, reboots for 7 days of testing have been identified. The battery life was about the same (in real life to objectively compare this parameter is quite difficult). In your phone, you will not see any references to the fact that the iPhone is restored. Any iPhone 5s.

Judging by the sales, the phrase “restored iPhone” does not scare the Russians. It is hoped that the new party will come and versions with more memory.

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