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Apple promises to solve the problems of duplication and the disappearance of the songs in Apple’s Music “coming soon”

Blogger and well-known Apple fan Dim Dalrymple published a blog article about your music collection. Earlier this week he said that he lost his library due to a failure Apple Music and abandoned the use of “horrible service”. Now he writes that with the help of Apple he is almost fully recovered your music collection.

“Apple told me that my music never went away and was always in the cloud. Before the launch of the Apple Music service iTunes Match showed all my songs synced, downloaded and purchased. However, if you disable the iCloud photo Library and Apple Music, iTunes Match will only display the purchased content. There is no way to separate iTunes Match from iCloud photo Library. Previously, you could disable iTunes Match – now you need to disable iCloud Library,” explained blogger.

The Dalrymple was able to recover almost all of your music collection. However, a few of the hundreds of songs he never found. Apple employees have suggested that the blogger could delete them by mistake. Dalrymple denies this. According to him, Apple is aware of the problems of streaming service and now hastily prepare to repair.

“The problem with the disappearance and duplication of songs that we are seeing in Apple Music, will be resolved soon. They definitely know about what is happening, you can trust me,” wrote the blogger.

Previously the author of a blog called The Loop Apple Music “a nightmare” and said that he refused from the service. He enumerated reasons, including the inability to add duplicate songs from different albums and sync content between different devices, as well as the problem with iTunes Match.

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“I like Apple,” he wrote. – I love this company because it is able to find innovative and simple approach to complicated things… unfortunately, my experience with Apple Music was the complete opposite of that.” “Now all I want is to erase Apple Music from all my devices and forget it as a nightmare”, he added.

Apparently, Dalrymple ready to give Apple Music a second chance. Moreover, in Cupertino do not sit idly by and working to improve the service. Perhaps Apple really cost to run Apple Music in beta form.

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