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A resident of St. Petersburg is changing the Apple store.

On the website Avito appeared on the store of Apple technology. From St. Petersburg, the owner of the shop, ready to swap it for a car or truck.

Shop “i.Hit”, located in the city of Ulyanovsk on Karl Marx street in the shopping center Mirazh, working a year and a half. As explained by the owner, the business of selling iPhone and iPad is successful, and users, despite the crisis, well buy expensive gadgets.

The store belongs to the inhabitant of St. Petersburg Daniel rich man — the Director and founder of St. Petersburg, OOO “Ihit North-West”. Outlet sells original iPhone and accessories. The chain operates in Saransk, Penza and St. Petersburg.

According to the owner, the monthly net profit of the shop is an average from 200 to 220 thousand rubles. With regard to costs, they equal almost half of this amount: staff salaries, rent and other overhead costs per month is spent about 80-100 thousand rubles.

Explaining the reasons for the sale of the business, the shop owner says that demand for the iPhone is not falling even during the crisis. The average point for the month is about 70 phones. In a bad month sales can make 40 pieces.

“Business brings a steady income, and products sold out in Ulyanovsk well. I did it 1.5 years, and now want to change the direction of the business. Moreover, I myself live in St. Petersburg, and to manage the store remotely difficult, so I decided to sell it,” explained the shop owner.

St. Petersburg businessman sells to a trading point for 1.2 million rubles. For the money the new owner of the iPhone will receive all the equipment, website, groups in social networks, contacts, suppliers. The situation with trade balance is discussed separately. The owner said that he was ready to exchange the store on a plot of land, a car or even truck.

“I would, of course, to cash. But if the buyer has no funds, I am ready to consider options with the exchange store on the property.”

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