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Klimenko told what Roskomnadzor different from the “great Chinese firewall” and called her autistic

Advisor to President Putin on the Internet German Klimenko in an interview with Hi-Tech Mail and told him what Roskomnadzor different from the Chinese system of supervision of the Internet, known as the “great Chinese firewall”. According to him, Russia and China are practicing different systems of content filtering, in the first case it is more liberal.

The official responded to a reporter’s question about whether Russians are afraid of the possible introduction in the country of the Chinese model of supervision online.

“I’ll tell you the news: half Chinese “walls” we have is Roskomnadzor. Just China has moderated, they say: “Before you work with us, talk with us.” We have in other countries, America, Israel, the principle of editorial Board: it will break – we will ban you. We are trying to integrate into the global legal practice. And the first part of the “wall” most just on a drum”, – informs the edition of the words Klimenko.

The second half of the wall, according to him, it deanonimizatsiya.

“Stayed for the second part: deanonimizatsiya. We agree that the bandits should be caught. The killer uses a car, can I inspect the cars? If they could search his apartment? You can, jurisdiction. He uses e-mail. What to do?” – said the adviser to the President and complained that Google in this area is not cooperating with Russian authorities, while cooperating with the us.

The official added that regulation of the Internet in Russia is at an early stage, and this level is now closer to China than to North Korea.

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About Milanoo and appeals “to ban everything”

In response to the assertion that Roskomnadzor are “strange decisions”, Klymenko said that “they are always and everywhere”, but added that the appeals “to ban everything” from politicians like Vitaly Milonov is a “wildness” that is “inciting the basics”.

“The state, it would probably be right without talking with the industry [the Internet] not to go there. Before milking the cow, she can talk. I know we all do that to the Internet are too lightly. It is a very fragile ecosystem, and when the government abruptly climbs into it, there are several perturbations. Someone may leave, and we have a very high dependence on professionals,” – said Klimenko.

About Pavel Durov and his departure from Russia

On the question of how Klimenko evaluates the departure from the country of the founder “Vkontakte” Pavel Durov and his possible “insult” to the state, the official said that “on offended carry water”, and called it “slight autistic.”

“Could Durov to stay? I do not know. Once I talked to him. From the programmer’s point of view, the film in its own perfect type of light for the two men. The programmer is the same person, which is 100-200 times a day computer is showing error: there is a comma I forgot, there bracket. Every six months he said: “well Done. Block wrote, come on.” This is a special psycho. If you have always 2×2=4 — it will be everywhere, the grey zone is missing. <…>

I think he couldn’t get along. It is not in the state, he has more problems with the owners was. The government even defended, he should be thankful for that,” said the official.

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According to Klimenko, the film “lifted” the social network “Vkontakte” on “audio, video and naplevatelstvo to copyright”, and his new project – Telegram messenger – builds differently.

“Now the actor is very correct: anonymity and security, but the channels with someone else’s info it closes. He did beautifully jumped, now gently goes to the publicity. I don’t know how he has enough money, he engaged in Telegram and while it is not monetizing,” – said Klimenko.

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