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Timecode allows you to use the current time as a passcode on your iPhone and iPad [Cydia]

The original concept for restricting access to your iPhone and iPad functions proposed developer Conan Graham. His tweak allows you to use the password to the current time.

Timecode was created at the request of users of the Reddit forum. The programmer implemented the idea as an add-on from Cydia. Instead of a static four-digit code prompted to enter four digits displayed on the clock of the mobile device.

Thus, the password on the iPhone and iPad will be different each time you unlock, depending on the current time. For example, if the clock shows 14:51, the password will be “1-4-5-1”, and if it is 08:22, – “0-8-2-2”.

Timecode works in the following way. Once installed on a device with iOS 8 you need to include the password in the settings and activate the tweak. Now if you block the gadget, it will require to enter the current time.

In the Timecode settings you can enable “reverse password” (Reverse Passcode). In this case, to enter the numbers you need in the opposite direction: if the clock 13:54, the code combination will be 4-5-3-1. You can install additional protection by adding 10 minutes to the current time.

Tweak Timecode is completely free. To use the program, of course, is possible only after the discovery of the root access to iOS and install Cydia.

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