Thing of the day: “covers” for the Apple Card

For devices, Apple constantly release expensive accessories, the analogues of which are many times cheaper. And just when the Apple Card appeared, they immediately started producing all kinds of cardholders for a lot of money.

Cardholder Gray

Several models are available for order: a titanium card holder for $ 495, a steel holder for $ 894 and a gold-plated holder for $ 1,293. But the coolest thing is that cardholders made for the Apple Card are suitable for any bank cards! A true innovation!

Kerf Case

The company offers wooden cases for the Apple Card at prices ranging from $ 39 to $ 139. They are carved from a single piece of hardwood, glued with Alcantara inside, so as not to scratch the map. We remember that she needs special care:


Titanium Apple Card requires special care

Kostya Baranov

August 22, 2019

Yes, the word "Apple" also makes excellent manufacturers of accessories. And they will buy it! A wooden box with a compartment for one card for $ 39 minimum. What do you think?


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