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Vertigo Racing – vintage racing

Since racing as a genre has long grown top of the ceiling, and if somewhere is increasing, it is only in breadth, around this format began to wind some unthinkable things. We recently surveyed Riff Racer – racing music. There are still CSR Racing, where the racing – two mini-games. What to say about the new part of the NFS or Real Racer: racing there is a lot of time, but all the social stuff – a hundred times more. Here and in Vertigo Racing the races themselves hardly surprising – but not to the eyes.

The camera hovers in the air, bounces down the road. Apparently, the serpentine road: twists, bends, sharp climbs and the same – wow! – slopes. Beyond the slopes there is nothing – literally, nothing: hanging clouds of earth are seen. But the asphalt comfortably wrapped trees, shrubs and flower beds; sometimes floats in the middle of the road gas stations. Remember here you will spend the next few hours.

On the road jumps a little but ruffled machine under her hood like a wind-up motor, and she famously rushes forward. You manage, but incomplete: only gasbrake. This is enough gas and the car sped along the winding track. Turns invisible driver yourself, but you will not yawn – time to lose speed, not to fly, not to crash (a car, incidentally, hesitates to be healthy) and not tip over. The task – to pass the required number of kilometers. The first time it will not work. From the tenth too.

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The thing is that you have the gas all the time. Driving past the gas stations, fill up some quantity, but hardly it will be enough until the next gas station – often the machine stops in three inches from the saving of fuel. To still hold on to the finish, filigree need to calculate the trajectory, to guess the behavior of the machine, and not to forget the two pedals.

And still make money, without upgrades you will not get anything. Got a hundred coins? Please invest in the capacity of a tank body strength and acceleration. Ultimately, the route to surrender and then you will buy a new machine.

Only in the fleet about ten copies and each with its own character. First the machine is beautiful and handsome, but slow – it would be better a nice walk on the promenade than to break records. Second fast, but bad. The third – a miniature truck. And so on. With trails, by the way, the same story – autumn of the mountain gives way to some marine serpentine, and then comes winter – and again to re-learn.

Vertigo Racing – game, in General, extremely simple and even primitive: almost typical free-time killer. Almost – because here the beyond a pretty picture. Not technologically, not – the solution just might be brought and in terms of design. The strict lines of the cars give out the spirit of the 50’s with a head; this is a full vintage, retro the best sense of the word. Inside the car no one, but if there was James Dean, we’d only nodded – well, who else?

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Cost, Vertigo Racing, as already mentioned, in anything – starting do not ask for money. Then you can pay, but no one, strictly speaking, does not make.

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