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The prosecution demanded for blogger Sokolowski 3.5 years in prison for catching pokemon in the temple

The prosecution in the trial of a debate, asked to sentence the blogger Ruslan Sokolovsky to 3.5 years in a penal colony for the video on YouTube, which, according to investigators, offends the feelings of believers.

Today was day 15 of the hearings on the case of blogger, which was attended by the correspondent of the edition Sign. Attorney Ekaterina Kalinina at the meeting said that “a suspended sentence will only breed a sense of impunity,” so the prosecution asked about the real deprivation of freedom.

On Friday, the prosecution put forward a final claims to the blogger. They are as follows:

  • The purpose of Sokolov — to form a negative opinion about the women of the believers. Statements contain not only the denial but also the negative.
  • Believers when viewing movies you may want to defend your beliefs.
  • Information in the video “the Anus itself block, Roskomnadzor”, shows how Sokolowski refers to the state, the President, the citizens.
  • Expression of disrespect to the state is unacceptable. If the person does not like, he can move, but Sokolowski does not, it simply expresses a negative attitude, without offering anything in return.

Sokolovsky accused of inciting hatred or enmity (article 282), seven counts of insulting the feelings of believers (148 penal code) and trafficking of equipment for a hidden camera (138.1 of the criminal code). The blogger’s guilt in committing this crime was not recognized.

The blogger himself, delivering his last speech at the trial, stated that it did not violate the rights of believers.

“I am an atheist…I’m not yesterday it was, and postulated these views for many years. This means that I have no (concrete — approx. TASS) religion, no nationality. These charges are very strange, I did not violate anyone’s rights and freedoms to religion, because I never stopped anyone to profess a faith which they prefer to confess,” said Sokolowski.

The last word Sokolowski:

The above-mentioned state charge has requested for Sokolowski 3.5 years in a General regime colony. “Frankly, I’m shocked that the prosecution has just asked me for this punishment,” – commented the decision of the blogger.

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