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10 years with the iPhone: the smartphone has changed the life of Russian officials and businessmen

10 years ago, on 9 January 2007, Apple presented the iPhone first generation smartphone, which gave a powerful impetus to the development of technology and industry. Russian officials and businessmen told the newspaper Rbc, as the iPhone has influenced their habits and lifestyle.

German Klimenko, adviser to the President on the development of the Internet:

“We should not reduce everything to the iPhone is not the first company that brought similar technology to market. [Apple founder Steve] jobs came to fertilized the soil — it just felt demand and Packed product is beautiful. He sold the phone is not high-tech geeks who understand all of IT-the subtleties, and offered the product to the mass user. As a result, immediately changed the phone market appeared the gaming industry has changed the format of the search.

If before setting up mobile Internet was a sacred knowledge with their secrets, now the smartphone have with each student and Tajik. iPhone was the first product that showed that smartphone choice for millions.”

Dmitry Marinichev, the Internet Ombudsman:

“Until the iPhone was cool smart phones with a bunch of chips, but they weren’t the key to a complex technology. Jobs advertised system that introduced us to the cloud, iTunes, metadata, and mobile applications. And let people do not understand the technology, but the technology is now at the fingertips of users so they are available to all.

Apple made intuitive sophisticated technology — they can use even a child. It was a real breakthrough in the interaction with the gadget — it was the coolest invention after the computer mouse. When businessmen brought the iPhone in your Corporation, it has radically changed the corporate environment and variety of services. First phone and business were separated, and now it is impossible to distinguish between private and corporate.”

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Andrey Svintsov, Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on information policy, information technologies and communication:

“My life has not changed iPhone. I started to use it quite late, when the iPhone 5. Prefer to use Samsung, it has a reliable operating system. Some unique advantages of using the iPhone I don’t feel.

Of course, plus iPhone is storing data in the cloud. But I use it primarily to store photos of my family. I don’t use iPhone for office correspondence, document storage as you know — everything that passes through your phone — available for the us intelligence services and hackers. the iPhone and its creators made a breakthrough impact in the development of smartphones, but I don’t think other companies would be behind in development”.

Evgeny Chichvarkin, the founder and former owner of the Euroset company:

“I became an iPhone user almost immediately. In General, of course, he changed the world: unloading something into the network, using Livejournal, Facebook, Instagram, you can live a parallel life on social networks.

I believe that all troubles of humanity from lack of information, and the iPhone sends it in huge quantities. It often happens that the now network can’t keep up iPhone. In the UK (Chichvarkin lives in London — RBC.) the problem is that the phone already has something, and the network is not ready for such volumes of [information transfer]. But if network is the issue of money and the will of the leadership, with human consciousness nothing can be done. There are many people who still haven’t changed phones because it is enough that it was in the old models”.

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Alexander Malis, President of Euroset:

“Earlier I used mail and browsing on smartphones, which, in some sense, was similar in functionality to the iPhone, but with him it has become even easier. I started to use it, when there was the iPhone 3G. The iPhone for me personally was not a revolution. The only thing easier to play with toys, although I don’t often do this.

If to speak in General, the iPhone has influenced the world that have set the standard of what should be a smartphone. In this sense, it played an important role. [Regarding operational communication and business communication] the fundamental difference between iPhone and Android no. Another thing is that this kind of smartphones, has forced mobile operators to develop ubiquitous high-speed Internet. Accordingly, owners of these devices have the opportunity to use it”.

Andrei Bystritsky, Dean of the faculty of “Communications, Media and Design” national research UNIVERSITY “Higher school of Economics”:

“the iPhone has changed communication between people. After all, but thanks to the rapid development of social networks. On the one hand, we are dealing with revolutionary change. With other gadgets I repeat the previous communication. People had the opportunity not only to speak but also to write letters, obtain information and even to make the news, fake including.

Pessimists argue that people ceased to read and write letters, but now a person sends ten messages a day. In addition, increased awareness. There has been a tremendous increase in the consumption of information and increased level of education. People learn about many things instantly. All this became possible thanks to smartphones, including Apple”.

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Yevgeny Borisov, Deputy development Director at Foundation for Internet development initiatives (FIDI):

“With the advent of the iPhone dramatically changed the balance of power in the multibillion-dollar Telecom industry. Historically the center of power has always been the operator, which has given millions of its customers almost all the possible services. Shortly after the presentation of iPhone the Apple team started to create the app store, which gave birth to an entire ecosystem-from millions of independent services operators, which has since been copied not only Google Android, but smaller phone manufacturers.

App Store as the center of the app ecosystem has opened the possibility of running your business to millions of developers. Born tens of thousands of successful startups, including some even become “unicorns” — such as Uber. Some startups, for example, instant messengers like WhatsApp or Viber even seriously threaten traditional sources of revenue operators. Finally, social networks have become increasingly mobile, rather than purely “computer” — that is, got rid of the reference to the computers and laptops. This laid the Foundation for the growth of Facebook and other social networks as mobile hubs not only access to information but also services.”

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