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Voice assistant Cortana from Microsoft is now available on iOS and Android

After a long period of testing, Microsoft has released the final version of its voice assistant Cortana for iOS and Android. The technology is designed to rival Siri and Google Now on competing mobile platforms , as the company released the app for two OS.

Cortana for iOS looks and operates much like Cortana to Windows 10 mobile. Smartphone users got a separate app that allows you to dictate reminders, track flights, weather, sports and the like.

At the same time on mobile platforms competitors assistant Microsoft has received a number of restrictions, because there is no deep integration with the OS, like on Windows devices, for example, the user cannot run the application, simply saying “Hey, Cortana”.

Cortana can be used to schedule meetings, send emails and SMS, monitor the weather and to do many other things peculiar to the voice assistants. The app can be used to search through Bing information about restaurants, cinemas and the TV program listings, just to track their interests and even to launch other applications.

In Redmond stated that he is very proud of the work Cortana and want “advanced technology could try everyone” and not just Windows users 10.

Download Cortana so far in the American branches of the App Store and Google Play. In the coming months, the company promised to “regularly updating the app, expanding its capabilities and functionality”.

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