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Opener will force iOS to open links in applications

IOS often opens links not in applications, but directly in the mobile browser. Why, for example, by clicking on the link to the YouTube video to enjoy on the web version if your phone has a native client for the popular video hosting. App from Studio Tijo solves this program.

The Android operating system the user can choose which program to open any links function is implemented at the platform level. On iOS you have to use a third-party application. The first known program with similar functionality called Opener.

To configure forwarding the link, copy URL to clipboard and open Opener. The program should indicate which app should be used for this type of reference. For example, the link on YouTube is by default open in the normal client or any other to view. And link to Twitter in the official app or Tweetbot. Also have the option to withdraw the Opener icon in the extensions menu.

The creators Opener added support for about 40 of the most popular applications from the App Store, including Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and others. Tijo intends to regularly update this list.

Download can Opener for iPhone and iPad here.

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