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Tomb Raider and the Witcher 3 has launched on Mac via the GeForce Now [video]

Mac owners will now be able to run any game from the cloud service Nvidia GeForce Now, which before was available only to users of game consoles the NVIDIA Shield TV. Video demonstration of service from 9to5Mac allows you to appreciate the gaming experience Mac for example, Rise of the Tomb Raider, the Witcher 3 and other popular console project.

The basic model of cloud computer is equipped with a GeForce GTX 1080 Pascal with productivity four times higher than modern game consoles. NVIDIA promises an extremely clear image with 60 frames/s and low latency, but the resolution is set to 1080p. The rendering occurs in high graphics settings, including the NVIDIA GameWorks effects.

To get started with the service, download the software Now GeForce and install on a virtual computer already purchased games from stores Steam, Origin, U-Play, GOG, or In addition, you can run a free game with its own installer like World of Tanks or Warframe.

Multiplayer component is still available. Synchronized save, achievements and other settings that gives you the opportunity to continue the gameplay on a different system. Advantage for inexperienced users is the constant performance of the virtual computer and the relevance of the software, including drivers and updates for games.

Recall that the use of NVIDIA GRID servers through GeForce Now paid on an hourly rate basis of the gameplay. And the cost will seem high, even for American users: $25 for 20 hours. That is with daily use GeForce Now within the hour, players will have to pay $456 per year, which is more expensive than any modern game console and high-performance graphics card.

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