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The worst year cook? Journalists called the 8 main failures of Apple in 2016

In 2016, Apple tried again to surprise the fans and market analysts. Visitors to Internet forums to actively talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the new MacBook Pro, wondering...



“Smart” glasses Bridge for iPhone make science fiction a reality [video]

In early 2015 Microsoft press conference, which demonstrated the holographic glasses HoloLens designed to turn the idea of augmented reality technologies. The device, which had been developed for five years,...



The hackers released a browser-based jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 in the style of JailbreakMe

Famous hacker Luca Todesco has announced a tool that allows you to perform jailbreak iOS 9.3.3. We are talking about a browser exploit the exactly defined exported, which you can...



0.4% of Android devices received the update to the latest OS version, iOS 10 is 63%

Android mobile platform 7.0 Nougat debuted a month earlier iOS 10, but it continues to be one of the rarest versions, according to fresh data on the prevalence of different...



Hackers are advised not to update to iOS 10.2 from behind closed jailbreak vulnerability

In iOS release 10.2, which is in the testing phase, developers Apple has closed an important jailbreak vulnerability, said on his Twitter account hacker Luca Todesco. He recommended that anyone...



iOS 11: 40 functions that we expect in the new operating system

In iOS 10 there are many things that annoy users and that Apple should change in iOS 11. The company will introduce a new operating system next summer. Many expect...



Apple: iOS 10 is already installed on 63% of compatible devices

Apple has published updated statistics, which shows the distribution of various versions of the software platform among iOS users of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. IOS 10 took place on...



According to the study, Android surpassed iOS stability

Research of working capacity of mobile devices from Blanco Technology Group showed that smartphones on iOS more often than Android devices send error messages. The study for the third quarter...



Vulnerability in iOS 10 allows access to photos and SMS to bypass lock screen [video]

IOS 10, now installed on most Apple mobile devices, found a very dangerous vulnerability that allows to gain unauthorized access to the personal data of the owner. The security gap...



WhatsApp launches video calling for all users of iOS and Android

The WhatsApp messenger has challenged FaceTime from Apple and Skype from Microsoft in the field of communication via the Internet. The creators of the service have announced that video calls...



As Apple has ceased to be an ideal company

This year, Apple introduced several new products, which received a mixed reaction from users of the device was quite innovative, but, for the first time in a long time, in...



Russian developers have released an iOS keyboard with ready answers “on all occasions”

Russian developer Vladimir Guriev has released an interesting keyboard for iOS with ready answers “on all occasions”. The phrase built on the technology of lexical primitives and, according to the...



Apple: 60% of users of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch updated to iOS 10

Six weeks after the release of iOS 10, this operating system was installed on 60% of compatible gadgets. This is evidenced by the official statistics of Apple. Apple has updated...



How to install WhatsApp++ for iPhone without jailbreak

With the advent of mobile messengers is a need in the SMS is virtually eliminated. We use short messages, perhaps only if you want to send a message to the...



Impressions after a month of using iOS 10: the pros and cons of the new platform

In mid-September, Apple launched iOS 10 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. For the month the update has installed more than 50% of users is the best pace among all...

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