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How to save battery in iPhone X

In the production of iPhone X Apple used the OLED display. Besides the fact that this technology has enabled to make the image brighter and more saturated, it also can help to save a little battery power.

The fact that in OLED displays, each pixel is illuminated separately. When displaying the black color of their backlighting is off. Therefore, the “black pixels” consume far less energy than any other. Thanks to this features screens you can save precious battery power.

In 2015, Apple announced iOS 9 with the function of low power, which, according to representatives of Corporation, and significantly increases the operating time of the device. This option changes a few settings, including display brightness. IPhone X decided to go ahead and started to use color inversion, coupled with light filters to prolong the “life” of the gadget.

To enable color inversion must do the following:

  • To open the device settings.
  • Go to the item Key.
  • To open a sub-item of Universal access.
  • Go to the submenu Adaptation of the display.
  • To enable Smart color inversion.

After that, all the light elements of the interface will become dark. Where previously the white color will appear black. In this case, significantly reduced the load on the display device and increase the time of the smartphone on a single charge. Thus, if a developer has adapted the app for iOS 11, the colors in the photos are not inverted.

The most desperate users also include a filter that replaces all colors to shades of gray. It is included in the same menu.

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For quick access to the inversion mode, you can configure the corresponding option in the menu of universal access.

The so-called dark themes have long been used in Android smartphones to save battery. Now, the same could be done with the iPhone X.

Journalists from Appleinsider has already tested this trick and confirmed its effectiveness. However, advanced tests and measurements are not conducted.

Anyway, when at stake is a few extra hours of battery life, any action is good.

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